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Sep 13, 2008 02:05 AM

POP Champagne and Dessert Bar (Pasadena)

Hi, all.
I was wondering if any of you might know about POP Champagne and Dessert bar? It's supposed to open somewhere in Old Town. It sounds like an interesting place to have a party, and their shell of a website is oddly amusing.

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  1. it's on union st, near fair oaks. I've driven past it for the past few months and it doesn't look like it's open (and there's no sign of it opening any time soon). The outside looks nice, but you can't really see inside to see if construction has been completed or not. it's kind of just sitting there with a pretty door and logo..

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      Thanks very much!
      I've seen blogs mention it and was just curious.

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      1. Anyone know what kind of stuff the they'll be serving? I've been looking for a good dessert place.

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          I went there on their grand opening on Dec. 20 -- the sweets menu looked promising and what I ordered were pretty good overall (a poached pear in a honey-sauternes sauce with creme fraiche + a petit fours plate that had sea salt caramels, pecan shortbread, macarons and macaroons, chocolates).

          I hope this place will have a good run too -- not many places that specializes in desserts and drinks in L.A.


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            Just blogged about it (with photos): -- as noted before, all in all it was a good experience. Decent price points (glasses of wines starts at $5 with most around $10, flights of three are around $12-$19 and they also have beer and sparkling cocktails, desserts and small plates around the $8-15 mark). The server was fairly knowledgable, didn't know about every wine on the menu but didn't hesitate to check with someone else (manager/bartend/sommelier?) I'll probably head back, and, again, it's nice to have a dessert and drinks option finally in L.A.

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              Sounds promising. I'll check it out sometime next week.

        2. Went in January. The entrees (Truffled Mac & Cheese) were tasty, but served to us lukewarm. When we mentioned it to the waitress, Chef Emily herself came out to apologize and comp'd us dessert. Really liked their Chilled Strawberry & Rosehips Consomme, and Poached Pear. It's a nice late night dessert place.

          1. to follow up....

            I went here just for desserts and champagne, and I had a great experience. The champagne tasting flights were alright. If you know what you like, I'd recommend just going with that. Had the churros con chocolate and the cheesecake trio. Both were excellent. Would've liked the churros w/o sugar, and trio without the pistachio one. The brown butter and goat cheese cheesecakes were delicious.