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Sep 12, 2008 10:43 PM

If money isnt an issue, where do you eat in LA?

I've been to Urasawa and am wondering what other phenomenal restaurants are around in LA. Im not necessarily looking for a super expensive place, but wanted to make it clear that for the meal in question, its not an issue. This is just about finding the absolute best ingredients prepared well...any cuisine is fine.

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  1. not everyone here loves it, but i've enjoyed every tasting menu at Providence. there are of course other big names like Spago (great tasting menu), Josie (really fresh ingredients), Melisse, La Cachette, Hungry Cat, Hatfield's, Cut, Craft, etc.

    i'd say ethnic in LA though is worth considering in terms of making wonderfulness out of ingredients - Monte Alban, Jitlada Thai, Rahel, Shamshiri... high end ethnic at Babita...

    1. Yuca's, about four bucks the burrito. White tie not required but appreciated.

      2056 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

      1. Sona
        Nobu (Malibu only, forget La Cienega)
        Go's Sushi (Canoga Park)
        Geoffrey's (lunch or brunch only on a sunny warm day, skip nighttime)
        and my new fav: The Huntley

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          Scratch Capo. Not worth it even at half price.

        2. Money doesn't always buy (gustatory) happiness:

          Mori-san's special chirashi-don at Place Yuu on Sawtelle - $45
          a slice of Lamonica's NY pizza in Westwood (mushroom) - $3.50-ish
          xiao long bao at Jin Jian in San Gabriel - $4.95
          paella mixta from La Espanola in Harbor City - $8 per racion
          Father's Office burger, sweet potato fries, and a Mexican Coca-Cola - $20-ish

          1. when money's not an issue?
            Mori Sushi