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Sep 12, 2008 08:56 PM

Southern Pines, NC Burger Find

Maybe there is a Southern Pines resident who can help me come up with the name of the restaurant I stumbled into last Sunday. It was one of the only places in town (the quaint shopping district section of Broad St.) that was open for Sunday lunch. The location is on the Southeast corner of SE Broad St., near the one-way/two-way split and a few doors up from a coffee shop. It's a sports bar that serves a full menu lunch. Plenty of TV's showing football on a Sunday.

My burger had a flavor combination I used to get in California at the Carl's Jr. chain. Burger, bacon, and barbeque sauce. To complete the "Western bacon burger" (the old chain product name) you choose onion rings as your included side and put them on the burger in place of the raw onion slices the restaurant tries to foist on you. The burger was excellent quality, and not overcooked at all when I requested that they go as pink as the cook was willing to risk it.

I love that combination of flavors on my burger and with the nice juicy mess it made, I was in heaven. I'll be going back (and this time I'll note the name of the place).

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  1. Was the name of it The Bell Tree? Tell me a little more about the place. I live in Southern Pines but can't think of a sports bar on SE Broad.

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      The Bell Tree's not on a corner so I don't think that's it. There was a sports bar between the all-day breakfast place and the laundromat at the corner of SE Broad and Massachusetts. Could that be it? I'll look for the name the next time I'm in town.

    2. The Bell Tree doesn't sound right. I apologize for not being precise. The restaurant/sports bar is not on the corner. It's a few doors up from the corner. The only thing I remember near it (everything else was closed) was a funky little coffee shop with a few outdoor chairs. My place features bare wood tables and lots of TV screens tuned to the sports channels.

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        There is a place called Ashtons that is not actually on Broad... not really a TV/Sportsbar kind of place but the burger is the best you will find in SO Pines as they grind the beef fresh and will serve it rare if you wish. Pricy but try the Stilton Burger if you like Blue Cheese. It actually does sound like you are mentioning Bell Tree. There is a Deli on that side, Chef Warrens, a Coffee Shop, a Wine Bar and across the tracks the Ice Cream shop with a respectable somewhat sloppy burger, but they certainly do not go "pink". Good luck with your search but try Ashtons. No other restaurants in that area now. There used to be a great little spot called Tammy's Family Restaurant there but closed at least 10 years ago.

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          Bell Tree doesn't have a web site, but they do have an appalling, hard to read Myspace page. And from their description of the premises, I think that has to be the place! Thanks for the help, and sorry for dissing the suggestion on the name earlier. As we get older, the memory is the first thing to... What was I saying?

      2. The original comment has been removed