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Sep 12, 2008 08:18 PM

Gordon Ramsay at Maestro: Opening Very Soon

The agreement is still being worked on but it is close. Details will be posted when a date is set. Tentatively Vincent and Emanuele will still be involved.

And, Fabio is dearly missed.

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  1. Who? What? Where? Why?

    1. Guest chef? New resto? Could be a number a things. More details, please.

        1. So this'll be a Gordon Ramsay outpost, with one of his guys heading the the place up and doing the chef-ly duties????


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          1. re: Pool Boy

            Really? This restaurant has been closed for too long now, so any news about its reopening is interesting, at least to me.

            How are GR's other restaurants? My understanding is that they're generally quite good.

            1. re: jaydreb

              I'm just not excited about chefs/restauranteurs that keep opening up more and more places. I prefer those where the guy or gal is there, on site, every freaking time you go there. Like Palena. Like Komi. Etc.

              That's why it is a yawner for me.

          2. Oh please do let us know as soon as you know more.
            I love him, he's very business savy, and knows how to make a place prosper.

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            1. re: WhatsToEatBaltimore

              Definitely exciting news. I work in tysons and the rumor has been flying around Mclean for a while. Do tell!!