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I am totally addicted to Poffenberger's sausage, packed by the Bellville Meat Market and available at some HEB and Specs locations in town. Their jalapeno cheese summer sausage is amazing.

The downtown Whole Foods has an amazing sausage counter. I thought I read when they opened that they brought in a full-time sausage maker. Lots of interesting combos available there.

Peach Creek Farm sells a wide variety at most local farmers markets. I have only tried the breakfast sausage, but it's good.

If I need some quick smoked links for the grill, I grab the V&V from HEB. The Elgin links are always available, too. And I'll always have a soft spot for Earl Campbell's hot links (whatever happened to that mustardy secret sauce Earl used to sell?)

Mandola's makes a nice fresh Italian sausage with plenty of fennel.

Where do you get your sausage? What kind? Road trips to small-town processors are encouraged.

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  1. I've nothing to add here, other than reinforcing the V&V recommandation. It is a wonderful peppery chunky type pork and beef sausage. I'll pick that anytime over "elgin" and the typical sausages from Central market. The unfortunate thing is that my HEB (Burnet/Koenig) stopped selling the jalapeno version. I think that is a general trend, as the stock there is devoid of heat/spice (salsa being an example - they only carry the mild and medium versions of most salsas).

    1. The cherry chipotle pork and pork linguica are both on my frequent sausage rotation right now. Neither are as hot as I would like, but the cherry makes for an impressive choice for guests, and the linguica with its garlicky subtle sweetness is one of my favs. Another winner at WF downtown is the buffalo habanero. They get the grind pretty perfect to my taste on that one - sort of like Black's jalapeno sausage used to be before they started adding processed cheese food product - not a fan anymore.

      1. I don't head to Houston too often, but when I do, a stop by Chapell Hill to get some sausage from the Chapell Hill Meat Market is worth it. Its on HWY 290 East close to Brenham.

        1. The camping department of Academy stocks Earl Campbell's Famous Sauce. However, they are discontinuing it and the sauce is now on clearance. Run down to the William Cannon location - I was told there was two bottles left.

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              Do you mean Luling City Market? Do they sell their links?

            2. I like the sausages sold by Kreuz and Smitty's. I'll often pick up about 10 whenever I visit Lockhart. Good on their own or chopped up and incorporated into recipes, like sausage queso.

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                My commercial sausage of choice [available for purchase at Fiesta Mart] is Kountry Boys out of Brenham.It's a better product than Meyers or Opas.


              2. Turns out I work right behind (or very near) Smokey Denmark Sausage company. How's their stuff? Do they sell hot food there? I read a review that said they don't have a dine-in option, but all sorts of stuff was available to go. Which, to me, kinda implied they serve hot food to go.

                Also, the Earl Campbells mustardy stuff is a condiment at the Valerro gas station hot dog bar - Cesar Chavez and Tillery Street. Maybe they have it on the shelves, too (or maybe they're discontiniung it, which is why it was at the condiment bar in the first place). It's an out-of-place condiment for a gas station, whcih is why it caught my eye. Not that I would ever partake of the 2 all-beef hot dogs for 2.22 lunch special, mind you...

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                  I certainly didn't discover Earl's sauce at a midtown Houston convenience gas station either, if that's what you're implying. :-)

                2. Anyone tried the Vince Young Sausages at Longhorn Butchers on MLK?

                  I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get me some as soon as my significant other allows me more than 1000 calories a day - that is to say, right after my "take my shirt off at ACL" diet is over.

                  1. I usually get mine from Central Market. Last time I tried their Pork and Blueberry. Not only was it delicious, but the kitchen smelt like I was making Blueberry muffins. It was a strange, bot not unpleasant experience.

                    1. The best sausage I've ever had in Texas was the pork jalapeno sausage at Black's BBQ in Lockhart. However, they dumbed it down a few years ago and started adding Velveeta (or something akin to it).

                      Another place to look are some of the fine dining places in town that make their own in house sausage. One that has always had an excellent in house sausage is Asti's Trattoria at 43rd and Duval.