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Sep 12, 2008 06:21 PM

Sushi Zo

After another educational morning(couple times a month for years) at the Fish Mkt with Hirosan Urasawa picking out fish for his restaurant I knew I was probably going to be having Sushi for dinner somewhere with Kar.
Long story short, one of the finest Sushi Chefs in W.LA is Keizosan at Sushi Zo. We went around 8pm and the restaurant was packed but we were able to slide into a spot at the corner of the bar. Live Sake to start. Omakase to follow.
Contrary to another Poster he's smiling more than not and is very friendly unless you insult him with silly questions about how fresh his fish is or my favorite like whats fresh today ?
Needless to say we had ANOTHER FANTASTIC OMAKASE DINNER ( $90-ea) and can't think of anywhere other than Urasawa ($275-pp, a bargain for what you receive) we would rather be.

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  1. Urasawa is now $300pp.

    I'll be Zo later this month. Report to follow.

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      1. I was just there today for lunch omakase. He greeted me with his usual "nice see you again," and besides me there were about 4-6 other diners around 1 PM. Started out with the oyster, then amberjack and tuna sashimi, and in not quite the right order: spanish mackerel, pompano, bonito (amazingly good), albacore, butterfish, toro (2 pieces), yellowtail, premium mackerel, scallop, monkfish liver, skipjack, golden eye snapper, red striped jack, and I may have missed a couple. The miso soup now comes in a very small cup which is fine by me. Yuzu at the end. I skip the crab handroll, usually. The food was, as usual, outstanding. $60 before tip.

        When I left he wished me a nice weekend. He is certainly friendly enough for me. More importantly my mouth and his fish are very good friends. Some people do think he's a sushi nazi and are now frequenting Hiko in a strip mall on National (around Sawtelle), saying it's as good as Zo, but I can't believe it.

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          I like Hiko , but it's no Sushi Zo.

        2. I haven't been in a while, but I thought that Keizo was one of the sweetest sushi chefs I'd ever had the pleasure of meeting. I was the only patron at the time, but we talked throughout and he kept me enraptured both by his warmth and especially his sushi. I've been surprised by the occasional posts here that claim that he's a "sushi nazi", and personally can't wait until I have the pleasure of eating there again.

          1. I agree with you this time (unlike Sasabune). Zo and Keizo are sensational. I went again this week and couldn't believe the quality of his fish. And enjoyed his presence as well.

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              been too long since I've been back to Zo, but probably my favorite sushi place in the city. big fan.