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Sep 12, 2008 05:51 PM

Breakfast in Columbus , OH

Does anyone have a suggestion for a hearty breakfast in Columbus? I am not looking for an upscale brunch.

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  1. Jack and Benny's 2563 N High St
    Starliner Diner 5240 Cemetery Rd

    1. I've been to Columbus thirty times It's a Greyhound stop on the way from NYC to Tulsa. Usually not enough time to leave the bus station but sometimes I get to walk around downtown. When I can, I eat at the Queen Bee. 248 S 4th St That's a diner owned by elderly Greek couple. You can get a hearty breakfast and I really like the scene. It's a bustling place and a power scene. Guys in suits and ties talking politics. When regulars want to talk private business, they set up a table in the kitchen. Regulars are allowed to go behind the counter and pour themselves coffee and leave money in a basket. I once sent them a postcard from NY and they were thrilled

      1. Best "not upscale" breakfasts in Columbus:

        Le Chatelaine

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          I love ZenCha and La Chatelaine but I wouldn't recommend either as a place for a "hearty breakfast".

          1. re: kura kura

            Does hearty mean junky or dirty-diner food?
            I'd say warm breads, butter, pasteries, and eggs are hearty.

        2. Tasi can be good, although parking and seating can be an issue. I think Rise and Dine is a little better than First Watch. The DK Diner on 3rd in Grandview is good as well. ZenCha is good, but only if you are in the mood for pancakes or waffles. La Chatelaine is good as well, but only the breakfast menu is not extensive. Northstar is good for the first 3-4 times. Jack and Benny's is very good, haven't had Starliner's breakfast.