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Sep 12, 2008 05:35 PM

Don't miss in Ole Miss suggestions?

Help! I've been stuck in a mid-western corn field without any southern cooking or ingredients for a year. I've got a road trip coming up to Oxford MS, and want to find the following eats and ingredients:

Eating: Cornbread anything! (especially hush puppies), biscuits, gravy, beans, fried chicken, greens.

Ingredients: Red beans, shell beans,corn meal, pecans and any decent farmer's markets- even though it will be late in the season.

Thanks in advance for ideas and suggestions

DIG (Dedicated Independent Grower) Local

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  1. Taylor Grocery ( has the best catfish & hushpuppies - it's outside of Oxford, but worth driving to get to. Big Bad Breakfast will give you your biscuits and gravy fix and fried chicken, too ( There are farmer's markets in Oxford and Taylor that should still have decent selections. Look for Delta Grind corn meal ( - it's a local product & they produce all grinds of corn (masa, cornmeal, grits, polenta) and buckwheat. There's a kitchenware store on the square in Oxford near Off Square Books that always has it, but they work the farmer's markets too. Delta Pecan ( is a local pecan producer. They should be at the farmer's markets - they're definitely at the Memphis market every Saturday if they're not in Oxford too. Another place to go if you have a cooler or a kitchen while you're in Oxford is Stan's Country store on Hwy 6 between Oxford and Batesville. They have the best pork products around.

    1. I think you will want to eat at AJAX on the square. Southern cooking. For breakfast, eat at "The Beacon" restaurant. Been there forever and great breakfasts. A new place that has good breakfast is BBB (Big Bad Breakfast) in the Midtown shopping center and is owned by the City Grocery people. The Farmers market is on Saturdays in the parking lot of the Midtown Shopping center.