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Sep 12, 2008 05:29 PM

Help Me Impress My Boss....

My boss usually orders for lunch meetings from Colony Cafe or Clementine...he likes good food and he likes to impress clients (or at least put our best foot forward with them). He's looking for some new restaurants in the Colony/Clementine vein (someone that can do catering or have a good off-the-menu order) that can reach us in Santa Monica (on Olympic near Centinela). Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. haven't been there in ages, but how about lemon moon?

    1. Nook Bistro is on Santa Monica Blvd. at Barry, not far from you. They have a good lunch menu, and I'm assuming they offer the same deal as dinner -- 15% off for to-go.

      Siam Chan is near there, and they package things beautifully for delivery -- cut-out containers for the fried items (great mee krob!) so they don't steam. Really inexpensive. Small place, but you could order an assemblage of starters and curries and noodle dishes (avoid the orange pad thai, get the wide spicy noodles) as well as stir fries for dirt cheap.

      El Super Taco delivers. Their carne asada is wildly inconsistent, sometimes fresh and charred and juicy but often grey and gristly and awful. They have a press for their tortas, which is what the regulars order, and I like their carnitas and their al pastor.

      Amandine isn't far on Wilshire a couple blocks west of Bundy. How about pre-ordering an entire quiche and some salads, along with some croissant and tartlets and other goodies for dessert?

      Tacos Por Favor is not far to the west on Olympic at 14th. I've seen them box up massive orders for pick-up, but I don't know if they deliver.

      You aren't horribly far from Bay Cities Deli. Everyone knows about the Godmother, on their wonderful crusty rolls, but the rest of their menu, especially their hot items (eggplant or chicken parm, potroast, meatloaf, meatballs...), are very underrated. A hot entree plus at least one (maybe two?) sides is like $7.98, with some featured items even less. They have the computer and fax ordering down pretty well, and it works even better if you have a driver who can let someone off to pick up so you don't have to park.

      1. Bread Bar in Century City or Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica

        1. FOOD on Pico caters and is really good.