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Sep 12, 2008 05:12 PM

Christmas/Holiday Party Menu Themes

Every year I host a holiday/christmas/birthday party and I try to do some sort of theme with it. Past parties have include "A Very Drunken Christmas" with a roast and port sauce, penne vodka and guiness cake; "1974 Revisited" for my 30th b-day with fondue and apricot chicken; "Winter Solstice" with a traditional yule log to name a few. Of course after 13 years of parties, I'm starting to run out of ideas. Any ideas from fellow entertainers?

Usually about 25 people, and I do the dinner as a buffet style.


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  1. How about a "White Christmas" theme? All the food could be either physically white or have "white" in the name (e.g., white Russians, white pizza). Homemade snowballs for dessert would be great fun. I'm blanking on white foods at the moment (things with cream sauces?), but I'm sure that folks here would have lots of suggestions.

    1. Christmas around the World. Have your favorite foods from different countries.

      Foods of Biblical times: dried fish, cheese, olives, salt, wine, olive oil, lamb, barley soup,sauteed onions, honey cakes

      Foods with Angel/heaven in the name: angel hair pasta, angel food cake, heavenly hash,

      Red and Green: red cabbage, cranberries, lobster in the shell, asparagus, sauteed red and green peppers,country ham, green beans, devil's food cake, Ceasar salad,seafood in a red pasta sauce

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        Or just feature one country. I have spent Christmas in Italy, Goa, Singapore and each has it's fun traditions and decorations and foods.

      2. You could do "A Christmas Story" theme, and pretend that the Bumpus' dogs ate your turkey and make Chinese food! Here's a lamp to add to the decor on your Chinese buffet: