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Sep 12, 2008 05:00 PM

BBQ in Memphis

A friend is going to be in Memphis this coming week and needs some recommendations for good BBQ. What's good in Memphis?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hmmm, I responded, but looks like my post was deleted. If you search this board, you will find many many responses to this very question. Personally, any trip to Memphis without Payne's for a sandwich is a wasted trip.

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      1. re: biskuit

        Second on the recommendation for Payne's. Their sandwich is unique to Memphis and very, very good.

      2. Rendezvous is consistently one the best BBQ places in Memphis. There may be new, better places, but few have the reputation and history as Charles Vergos' restaurant. It's downstairs in the alley behind 52 South Second in downtown.

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        1. re: kstover

          The Rendezvous is a fair barbecue joint. It should not be considered a GOOD one. Went last week for some visitor from TX. Very disappointed.

          1. re: srussell705

            completely agree. "Consistent" is the last word i'd use to describe The Rendezvous. When they are on and you get a good rack, it's a top 5 rib. When they are off, it's essentially charred pork bark.

            BBQ Shop on Madison (ribs and sandwich)
            Payne's on Lamar (sandwich with neon slaw+fried pie)
            A&R on Elvis Presley (sandwich+fried pie)

        2. Bar-B-Que Shop and Central BBQ are the two best places in the city!

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          1. If this is Catherine of Chicks in Charge,your friends probably would seek out BBQ Shop and Central to eat,but Rendezvous should always be worth a visit, for the history and at least a shoulder sandwich.

            Maybe catch the ribs fresh at an early lunch on Friday.

            Paynes for the sandwich with the strange slaw,and the A and R ,on Elvis Presley.make good shoulder sandwich.

            Not KCBS,but the BBQ spaghetti is interesting at the BBQ Shop