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Sep 12, 2008 03:57 PM


Has anyone tried Corazon (the new restaurant that took over the Castle Hill location)?

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  1. Tried it tonight... It was a random decision. I knew Castle Hill was on it's way out but wasn't sure when. Though I am still saddened by the change in decor and menu there were some pros. Cons, the menu at first glance. Pros, some apps same, the wine list, full bar, the food was actually very good, perhaps because I kept my hopes low. I was determined to dislike the place. I do wish the management had left Castle Hill and opened Corazon as a separate venue, it cannot truly be replaced, still extremely disappointed to see it go.

    1. We went on Friday, the food was average at best, had the carnitas, very little flavor, dry, chopped, almost minced. Habanero at $6.95 is twice the plate and flavor wise blows Corazon at $9.95 out of the water. The queso portion was tiny and bland, bland, bland. My partner had the chicken enchiladas, took a taste, below average at best. If their goal is to be upscale, ala, Manuels, then they have a long, long way to go.

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        Manuels is upscale? Really? I live downtown and ate there last weekend. The gorditas were clearly microwaved as the centers were hotter than the corn outside, the pork ternderloin was barely cooked, the rice was stale, and they served me a peach flavored margarita instead of what I ordered. I think my tab for two was around $80. Manuels is overpriced and generic.

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          I agree. Manuels is the definition of bland and mediocre. I've never understood the love that place gets...i guess it's like the raves Kerbey Lane gets just because it's local.

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            greenshirt, bad food and upscale aren't mutually exclusive. I believe whoalilponie was describing the ambience of Corazon by comparing to Manuels, which is a helpful point of reference for someone who might be considering going to Corazon.

        2. The original comment has been removed