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Sep 12, 2008 03:30 PM

Gudrun tasting bar - Richmond, BC

Anyone have some background on this restaurant tucked away in Steveston?

I noticed they are doing renos to open soon.

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  1. "gudrun offers a variety of fresh, locally produced meats, cheeses, salads and breads. we are currently working on a fall menu of artisinal cheeses and charcuterie." -gudrun website

    From what information i have from the gudrun group on facebook, the restaurants opening is scheduled for Nov. 17th... this is just an invite only cocktail party... as for an actual opening i am unsure... provides address and contact info along with some of the future menu and tasting options as well as their mission statement and a list of suppliers.

    I am super excited for this new place... a little bit of the city in gorgeous steveston. This place really goes back to basics and allows people to really learn to appreciate simple, basic, delicious food! Well done Patrick!

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    1. re: vodka_cocktail

      That's the first time I've ever heard the former fishing village of Steveston called 'gorgeous'.

      Formerly working class/workaday/rowdy/odoriferous and insular now it's kitschy/overbuilt/overcrowded and the F&C capitol of Canada-but gorgeous it ain't (!)

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        forgive me, yes it is industrious and over-priced, kitchy yet trendy yada yada... but having grown up sea-side and now living landlocked in the valley, i find any opportunity to be near the ocean, an excellent one... those who see it and enjoy it daily, typically do take it for granted...

        1. re: vodka_cocktail

          It's certainly a lot nicer looking now than when I used to live there in the 70-80's :-) Biker bars, dock rat joints, etc. were the norm.

          1. re: fmed

            back when there were actual family farms in steveston...

    2. So, they are indeen open, I went there with some friends on saturday evening. I thought it was great. The service was excellent, the wine, cheese and meats were all fab, and I think it will be a hit. Hopefully the locals will visit often. I really like the long table in front of the bar, I can see it being a great place to hang with neighbours and eat. My one suggestion, a few more bottles of wine priced in the 30-40 range. 50 is great, but the BC wine was a bit over priced.

      1. Though the concept of a wine, cheese, & charcuterie "tasting bar" isn't so new in Vancouver, it IS a welcome addition to Steveston. While the rest of this former fishing village continues to satisfy very dull appetites (Tapinade and Oshiro are the obvious exceptions), along comes an uber hip joint with a slick and knowledgeable wait staff. I especially like all the organic artisan wines and import beer selection. This is the standout wine bar in Steveston right now. Fun fun fun!

        1. Thought I'd add a blurb on our visit to Gudrun last night. We'd been at the Maritime Festival all afternoon (great for kids young and old as they say) and were about to head back into Vancouver when the SO spotted this place down a little alleyway. I would have walked right by as there was no signage -- they put out the sandwich board at opening (5:30). We walked our companions to their car and then hied ourselves back to sample the wares. Patrick the owner and his colleague were most welcoming and happy to have us sit outside at their massive wooden table with oak tree setup which was perfect for this warm afternoon, letting us know to clap if any marauding birds appeared which they didn't.

          The cheese and meat on offer is up on a big chalkboard inside, and a there is a paper menu to guide you in terms of prices. I was happy to find several cheeses I had not tried, and a duck rillette and rabbit terrine that were recommended and extremely tasty. I also liked the wide selection of "sides" that were included with our 3-cheese, 2 meat platter ($35), including dried figs, nectarines and cherries, almonds and pecans, fresh blueberries, black grapes, pear and nectarine as well as 3 mustards, a jam, quince jelly and honey in the comb from No 2 Road. The potential to mix and match was great, and the recommendation to pair the Valdeon (a fairly assertive blue from Spain that I have had and enjoyed before) with the honey was, to use an overworked word, revelatory. That was our favourite bite for sure. The other cheeses were picanero el brandy, a harder, crumbly sheep cheese which went particularly well with the dried fruits and langres, a rind washed with champagne that was a standout for me, and I don't usually gobble up the rind.

          Service was warm and friendly, the bread basket received a prompt refill and the bill itemized everything we ordered -- the perfect cheat sheet. I opted for a glass of La Serra moscato di asti (couldn't resist) which was delightful, and the SO ordered the only stout on offer but was brought a north coast Red Seal instead, the only oops of the day. Being a mellow guy, he went ahead and drank it in the spirit of never wasting beer. Total tab for our afternoon snack: $53.43 before tip. Not cheap but better value I felt than Salt, and in a far more beguiling setting.

          You can find Gudrun with a little looking at 150-3500 Moncton (604) 272-1991.

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          1. re: grayelf

            Your platter looks great! I feel so hungry now...

            Too bad about the beer mixup, but I quite enjoy that Red Seal Ale. I'm a little surprised they carry it. Looks like a great place to hang out for a day like today!

            1. re: grayelf

              Great report as usual grayelf!

              1. re: fmed

                It seems to me they had a pretty decent selection of bottled beer (there is a shoutout on the menu to Nigel at the Alibi, who Patrick said "inspired" their beer choices), and the wine list of course was quite long as you might expect. Definitely addressing a previously unfilled niche in Steveston.