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Sep 12, 2008 02:40 PM

Dining alone at Spago?

Hi! I lost my companions for the evening but really want to do a Dine LA dinner. I was thinking Spago - I've never been before and the Wine & Dine menu looks great. How would it be to dine alone there? Any thoughts?

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  1. I definitely would. Bring a book or a magazine. If there were availability, I would dine at the bar. If not, happily at one of the booths, or even in the garden.

      1. Go for it. Let them yknow you're going solo, and I bet they'll take good care of you!

        1. I have been eating at the bar at Spago for the last 6 years. The bartender Lilly will take amazing care of you. If their not busy you can sometime get the tasting menu at the bar. Also if Wolgang is in the house a special treat may come your way as he always checks in with those eating at the bat the bar. Many times Sherry Yard the extraordinary pastry chef will serve you your dessert. this is a great LA experience. That said the meal can get up there in price! But Spago is a great place and really worth it.