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where to find limited edition Jones Soda? or Dr Brown's Cel Ray Soda?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a store that carries odd sodas?...i see them online but unfortunately i wanted to bring them to an event this weekend.

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  1. You'll get this a lot:
    in highland park.
    haha! I was first!

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      Cel-ray is at Pico Kosher Deli. saw it there in the last 2 weeks.

    2. Galco's Soda Pop Shop on York in Highland Park.....they got them all and then some. I made up a basket of different root beer soda for someone's birthday.

      1. There is a small stall at Farmers Market that carries unusual/imported sodas.

        1. What about BevMo? http://www.bevmo.com/Shop/ProductList...

          I've also seen Jones soda at Gelson's.

          1. Thanks!!! i'll check out Galco and Gelson's (i live right next to a Gelsons)...and i see Galco has a cucumber soda that might be interesting

            1. I also recommend Galco's and actually, I've seen the limited edition Jones sodas at Target, of all places!

              1. A few years ago my brother got some photos on the Jones' labels (you submit them on the website), so we ran all around LA trying to find who had the biggest selection. All I remember now is that the cafe in the Barnes and Noble at Westside Pavillion had a pretty good selection.

                1. I've seen Jones at Cost Plus especially during the holiday season when they come out w/the interesting sodas like mashed potatoes and turkey, IIRC

                  1. I don't know why Chowhounders consistently fail to mention this place--but FAR BETTER THAN GALCO'S (I know, I know, sacrilege!!) is the place that SUPPLIES Galco's--namely, REAL SODA in Torrance.

                    Their very ADHD website (must be all the sugar...) is here: www.realsoda.com

                    To access their stock list, push the button on the right that says "Czech Out Our Selection"


                    1. I do believe I have purchased it at Smart & FInal.

                      1. I get Jones sodas at Bristol Farms, and I think I've seen them at Pavillons. I stopped by the Rosati's Chicago Pizza place in Corona the other day (well-made but off-tasting pizza), and they had Jones in their cooler.

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                          My Bristol Farms closed early this evening for some reason, so I went to a nearby Albertson's and spotted Jones sodas there. I think it's safe to say they're everywhere.

                        2. All of them and more are at Frank's Famous Deli in Montrose (Glendale) on Verdugo Road.

                          1. Bob's in SM has a large variety of Jones Soda. For lilted eds. i bought the holiday collections last year from their website.

                            1. I've see (and purchased) Jones at:

                              Beverly Glen Market (in the center off of Beverly Glen just south of Mulholland)
                              Heavenly Diet Store (on Van Nuys in Sherman Oaks)
                              Lo Carb U (on Melrose just east of Vine)

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                                the ones at HEavenly Diet and Lo carb U are all diet, be advised. Some people want the sugar

                              2. greenblatt's carries dr brown sodas.

                                1. Alaska Airlines serves Jones sodas on their flights...

                                    1. Bay Cities.
                                      Vincente Market.