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Sep 12, 2008 01:29 PM

Dallas - Thin Crust Pizza

Where is the best place in Dallas (pref. north Dallas / Frisco / Plano) to get crispy thin crust pizza? Looking for something non-greasy.

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  1. How thin is thin? I haven't been to every place but Grimaldi's (off 75, south of Bethany) delivers a relatively thin and crispy crust. There is also a Dallas location.

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    1. re: luniz

      Very thin! Basically just crispy - not bread-y at all. We lived in Memphis before & haven't been able to find anything we like as much as Memphis PIzza Company.

      1. re: jh75

        If that's what your looking for Marco or Pizza Villa comes closest. Marco is also quite inexpensive.

    2. If you are looking for very thin crust not New York then
      Pizza by Marco in Plano near Parker & NDT or
      Pizza Villa
      115 S Central Expy
      Richardson, TX 75080
      Phone: 972-235-0527
      on Beltine & 75 SE Corner.

      1. Louie's on Henderson!!!

        1. I LOVE Campizis and the old one on Lovers Lane is best to me.

          1. Jims on University in McKinney has a very good thin crust pizza. You might want to check out the Pizza Inn off 75 in McKinney. I know it is a chain, but that particular location has been around a long time, and they put out good thin crust pizza.

            Also, Rosatis in McKinney and Chicago St. Pizza in McKinney have very good, Chicago style thin crust (even cut into squares, just like in Chicago).