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Dallas - Thin Crust Pizza

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Where is the best place in Dallas (pref. north Dallas / Frisco / Plano) to get crispy thin crust pizza? Looking for something non-greasy.

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  1. How thin is thin? I haven't been to every place but Grimaldi's (off 75, south of Bethany) delivers a relatively thin and crispy crust. There is also a Dallas location.

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      Very thin! Basically just crispy - not bread-y at all. We lived in Memphis before & haven't been able to find anything we like as much as Memphis PIzza Company.

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        If that's what your looking for Marco or Pizza Villa comes closest. Marco is also quite inexpensive.

    2. If you are looking for very thin crust not New York then
      Pizza by Marco http://www.pizzabymarco.com/ in Plano near Parker & NDT or
      Pizza Villa
      115 S Central Expy
      Richardson, TX 75080
      Phone: 972-235-0527
      on Beltine & 75 SE Corner.

      1. Louie's on Henderson!!!

        1. I LOVE Campizis and the old one on Lovers Lane is best to me.

          1. Jims on University in McKinney has a very good thin crust pizza. You might want to check out the Pizza Inn off 75 in McKinney. I know it is a chain, but that particular location has been around a long time, and they put out good thin crust pizza.

            Also, Rosatis in McKinney and Chicago St. Pizza in McKinney have very good, Chicago style thin crust (even cut into squares, just like in Chicago).

            1. Eno's in Bishop Arts is Roman style crispy thin. Beware of the sports peppers...super hot and they don't do pepperoni. Still really good if you like that style of pizza. Salads are also great. Eno's salad has peppered pork belly, eggs, and bleu cheese, plus some other stuff. They also have a huge wine list, beer list, and root beer from tap. Not cheap, but as authentic to the Roman style pizza that I've had here in the states so far. Makes Louis, Grimaldi's, Campisi's look like deep dish. Personally, my fav is Grimaldi's. The toppings are top quality and they are cheaper than Eno's. If you are looking for true thin crust try Eno's and please be sure to report on whether it was thin enough for you. They opened about two months ago. Get there early on a weekend night.

              1. Campisi's, i Fratelli, & Prego all have very similar (and yummy) crispy thin crust pizza.

                Campisi's Restaurant
                3115 W Parker Rd Ste 400, Plano, TX 75023

                Campisi's Restaurant
                8100 Dallas Pkwy, Plano, TX 75024

                I Fratelli Pizza Plano
                2208 Dallas Pkwy, Plano, TX

                Prego Pizza Express
                3400 Preston Rd # 225, Plano, TX

                1. Eno's and Marco's are the best. Eno's crust is thinner, and the atmosphere is much nicer, though both make an outstanding pizza.

                  1. Campisi's, Preggo, and I Fratelli are my faves, with I Fratelli coming out front as the winner...

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                      While all of these are okay none are true thin crust, but rather New York. The only thin crust would be Marco, Eno and Pizza Villa. There are a marked difference between all of these and any of the others.

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                        I just recently tried and Pizza Villa partly b/c I grew up in Irving so I was never over here and because of this post. I found their pizza to be just one notch above Totino's frozen pizza. The large sausage pizza may not be representative of all the flavors but it sure came out tasting like Totinos, nothing special and service was extremely slow especially since we called in the pizza 20 min before I stepped in the door, I had an additional 30 min of wait. I just can't recommend this place besides it is thin crust. There were a lot of locals and first name basis customers but no one really seemed to be giving any suggestions or complimenting the pizza. That is my two cents on Pizza Villa

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                          Pizza Villa is far from fancy. It's an old place and looks it. The service isn't all that great, and it often smells like a weird mix of cigarette smoke and bleach.

                          That said, it's an EXCELLENT pizza. I get mine to go :P

                    2. St. Louis style Pizza, talk about thin. I mean it might as well be a tortilla chip.
                      Its "strange" but in a good way


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                        There's also a St. Louis style place in Lewisville/North Coppell:

                        I didn't personally like the pizza, but it was because of the provel cheese. It might be what you're looking for however.

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                          You can get mozzarella at Diterras - you just have to ask for it. I, too, am not crazy about the provel.

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                            FYI...Diterras closed several weeks ago.

                      2. Olivella's in University Park may also hit the mark for you as well.

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                          Olivella's is the best by far. Their truffle pizza is great as is anything with the homemade mozarella. Try their dessert pizza with nutella and marshmallows and you will never go back.

                        2. I stopped by California Pizza Kitchen today. You can get their thin crust with any pizza or toppings it was thin and crispy and good.

                          I know no one like a chain....but it hit the mark for me today

                          1. I could not find any great pizza places. The best pizza that I could find nowadays is Pappa John's. Sigh.

                            There used to be Easy's. They served excellent pizzas cooked in a genuine wood fired oven. Lots of cheese, lots of sauce, and big strips of chicken for toppings. Wow! But they went out of business. Sniff.

                            Uno's pizza served pizzas with lots of cheese and toppings galore. I wouldn't call it a pizza, but it's rather more like a pie, it's so thick and full of toppings. Again, they went out of business (the addison location). I am not going to drive to Ft Worth for pizza, I know they have a Ft Worth location still.

                            I tried Alfredo's the other day. They're O.K. Good crust if you like a cripsy yet medium thickness crust. If you want a greasy floppy crust like on a NY pizza, then forget about it. This is not where you're going to find it. However, the crust is hand tossed and good. The cheese is medium in thickness, but the sauce is a bit thin, needs more sauce.

                            California pizza has innovative toppings but they need to concentrate a bit more on the basics such as quality cheese and crust.

                            So, where can I find a quality pizza in N Dallas near 190/Tollway? Thick like Uno's? Floppy like a NY pizza? Double cheese, double sauce, with large, generous fresh toppings (no canned sysco muchrooms please) ???


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                              Have you tried Goodfellas on Old Denton & Frankford.

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                                Goodfellas isn't bad. Alfredo's where? There's one in Lewisville that I really like @ 121 and Corporate. Brooklyn's isn't bad at Hedgecoxe & Ohio. And I think they're building a new one on Park. There's a place that just opened about a month ago at Preston & Tennyson called Ferrari's where on my 1st visit I had 2 slices that I thought were the best in the area. On the 2nd visit, they were having cash register issues and left the slices in the oven a little too long. 2 slices and a soda for $5 is one of the better deals in the area for lunch. I sometimes visit Marco's too when I'm craving the sauce/thin crust combo.

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                                  hobbes404 asked where Alfredo's is in the 190/Tollway area. It is on Trinity Mills and Midway behind the 7-Eleven. It is opened by the same owners who own the one in Lewisville. They have $2.50 per slice (including tax) pizza.

                                  Today, I tried Papa Joe's Pizza Cafe on Trinity Mills and Tollway on the NW corner. It is a good pizza, but not great. It is about as good as a Papa John's pizza. Papa Joe's has slightly more high quality toppings, less sauce, same cheese, and same crust. They sell pizza by the slice. Each slice includes 3 toppings. This is good as I hate being nickeled and dimed on the damn toppings. They also have a "take out special" where the price you pay is the time for a large one topping pizza. In other words, if you order the pizza at 5PM, you'll only pay $5 for it. Wow! Also, if you're in a hurry, they guarantee that pizza and other foods on their quickie lunch list will be ready in 3 minutes or it's free. I was running late for work so I grabbed 2 slices of beef, mushroom, and black olive pizza and ate it while driving to work. It is as good as Papa John's but not great. Hobbes404 says, "Goodfellas isn't bad". That's not entirely an endorsement.

                                  I tried Rick's "chicago" pizza on Trinity Mills and Josey on the SE corner facing Josey, in the same parking lot as the 99 cent store. It is very disappointing. The pizza is not nearly as thick as a real Chicago pizza, Uno's. Nope.

                                  I also went to Joe's pizza on parker just west of the tollway on the n side of parker. If you're looking for a greasy ny style pizza, they come close.... but a bit pricy as they are priced to sell to doctors at the hospital across the street. Got the calzone too but it didn't have enough herbs in the sauce. It is good, but not great.

                                  I also tried Carmine's pizza on the N side of Belt Line Rd, just west of Coit. This joint was really disappointing. Toppings were bleak and stingy. Sauce, crust, and sauce were all nothing to write home about. It sounded Italian, but sadly wasn't even as good a Papa John's. The quality level was similar to a Pizza Hut pizza (ack!). I don't mean to exhalt Papa John's because I think that they're really good, but not great. I am looking for something better than them. I am looking for Great Pizza.

                                  I'm looking for a greasy New York style pizza hand tossed, cooked with fresh ingredients (no sysco canned mushroom crap) and baked in a coal oven like at Grimaldi's in Hoboken. I'm looking for a Chicago pizza so thick with generous cheese and toppings that you'll have to eat it with a knife and fork like at Uno's Pizza in Fort Worth. I'm looking for a pizza with a thick sauce soaked in fragrant herbs, topped with large strips of chicken and other toppings smoked in a genuine wood fired stove like at Easy's on NW Hwy (now out of business).

                                  Come on guys, where's the best pizza?

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                                    I just discovered that there's an UNO's in Ft. Worth. But, now, they call themselves UNO's "Grill" and offer a little bit of everything: chicken, steaks, ribs, burgers, and oh yeah, pizza. So! the question is, is the pizza as fabulous as when they limited themselves to pizza only? My experience has been that when restaurants expand the menu, the original quality implodes.........

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                                      The Morning News just made a list of Dallas' best pizza. Check the comments section for more opinions. http://eatsblog.guidelive.com/archive...

                                      And if you didn't know, there's is a Grimaldi's location in Allen.

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                                        Cavalli on Beltline just south of 635 in Irving. Woodburning oven, awesome crust. I have been eating here since they opened, and now they are starting to get some press, so I know it won't be my little secret for long, and I'll have to deal with the crowds, but they are doing it right, and deserve all the success. I love this pizza!

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                                          Cavalli Pizza
                                          3601 Regent Blvd
                                          Irving, TX 75063
                                          (972) 915-0001

                                          Yep! This is a scrumptious pizza. Here, less proves to be more!

                                          Back in the spring, I had the Margherita Extra (with added prosciutto di Parma). The sparse layer of tomato (sauce) was not laden with spices found at other pizzerias, the cheese was fresh and the generous slivers of fresh prosciutto (and due to the fast cooking time, was barely warmed at service) covered the pizza which overall, was very mild and almost sweet from the tomatoes - I'm guessing. This pizza is definitely about the non-overbearing toppings. The crust, thin, tender and non-filling, invited me to even eat the edge, which I NEVER DO!

                                          The only drawback being that the center most part of the pizza was a little undercooked. Initially, I thought that this is a result of a wood burning oven, as this was the case at Coalvines also. However, now I don't think that's it as I've since been to Campania's (my favorite of the 3), ordered the exact same pizza and the entire crust was evenly cooked, thin and just shy of crisp. Back to Cavallis - I was surprised that there were only 3 leaves of basil on the pizza. I was told that in Italy, this is how it is made - sometimes with only one leaf! I don't know, I thought it was kind of chinzy - but after a couple of visits here, I still give thumbs-up to this pizza.

                                          Located a block south of LBJ/635, it's in a non-discript strip center in the midst of multiple offices buildings.

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                                            I guess I missed the "edit" timeframe", but I need to qualify that my references to Campania and Coalvines were to locations in Southlake - not Dallas.

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                                              Maybe I need to qualify. I think Papa John's is bad. I grew up in NJ, so I don't even consider it pizza. Not bad in my book means that Brooklyn's is the best option close to work, but not somewhere I'd go out of my way to go to. And Goodfella's is not bad in that until Campania and Cavalli they were one of the better options around. I find Joe's on Parker to be lacking in any flavor. However, I may have to return to check out the rich doctors.

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                                                O.K. I read the Guidelive reviews and I just can't see myself burning all that expensive gasoline to eat... Pizza?! I mean, it's just pizza, man. There's a pizzeria on every corner. There's got to be a great pizzeria within 5 miles (biking distance) of me. So, I run an insiderpages search and found two pizzerias near the 190/tollway area that are highly rated;

                                                1. Campisi's at Coit and Cambell
                                                2. Angelo & Vito's at Frankford and Tollway

                                                Hmmm... Campisi's seems to have a lot of fans and detractors as well. I wanna see what the fuss is all about ! I'm going to try these pizzerias soon and report back. Wish me luck!

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                                                  You might also want to try Pastazio's in Addison Circle. It's folding-style pizza, NYC style.

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                                                    Went to Pastazio's and although it is a bit pricey at $3 per slice of only one topping pizza (most other places offer a slice with 1 to 3 toppings for less than $2.50), it is the closest I've come to real NYC pizza in Dallas within 5 miles of 190/Tollway. This high price is expected as Pastazio's is within a stone throw's distance from a private jet airport, Addison airport. This is not a coal nor wood oven, but gas. However, the crust is painstakingly hand tossed until it is floppy thin. Yet, after it leaves the oven it is slightly crispy at the bottom of the crust. Floppy yet crispy, a great combo on a crust. Normally, I'd object to the thin cheese and sauce, but since the crust is thin, I guess the sauce and cheese has to be kept proportionally thin, too. The topping I ordered is mushrooms. Mushroom is the litmus test of pizza toppings since lesser pizzerias will put canned crap on it instead of fresh mushrooms. Pastazio's uses only the fresh mushrooms. This is the first pizza I've tried in the area that serves a pizza better than Pappa John's. You even feel like you're in Brooklyn as Pastazio's is in a neighborhood of brownstone townhouses in Addison circle. This is 90% as good as the best Brooklyn NYC pizza.

                                                    Next, I will go to Campisi's and Angelo & Vito plus that pizza joint in Willow Bend mall Sbarro's (I've been there but I need to revisit as it's been awhile). Then, I'll report back.

                                                    My quest for the BEST Pizza with 5 miles of 190/Tollway continues....

                                                    Summary of pizzerias that I've tried;
                                                    Worse than Papa John's;
                                                    Chicago Rick's
                                                    Pizza Hut
                                                    Alfredo's (they have good-looking lasagnas, but I didn't try it as I'm only reporting/sampling pizzas on this quest)
                                                    Mr. Jim's

                                                    Roughly equal to Papa John's:
                                                    Papa Joe's
                                                    Whole Foods

                                                    Better than Papa John's:

                                                    Untried or haven't tried in awhile and need to re-try;
                                                    Angelo & Vito

                                                    Places I don't intend on trying (unless lots of other posters tell me otherwise);
                                                    Pizza by Marco

                                                    Any other places I've missed?
                                                    Please post and inform me! Thanks!

                                                    I have high hopes for Campisi's as several transplanted New Yorker friends of mine tell me that Campisi's is THE spot for the best NYC style pizza in Dallas. We shall see....

                                                    BTW popkulture, thanks for the hint about Pastazio's pizza.... I spent a very enjoyable afternoon bicycling around the quiet red brick streets of Addison Circle and checking out the antique/retired fighter jet collection at the Addison flight museum. There were two other bikes parked in front of Pastazios in addition to my bike. The secret's out....

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                                                      You need to try Goodfellas on Old Denton they are from New York and have several locations around New York.

                                                      1. re: lillymao

                                                        i had pizza and salad from Picasso's and loved it! they put tons of toppings and they are all fresh. the only prob. i had was that there were so many toppings that the crust wasn't crunchy/crisp at all. we got the ultimate masterpiece specialty pizza. overall, it is definitely worth a try.

                                                        1. re: lillymao

                                                          Went to Angelo & Vito's today.
                                                          Toppings: fresh mushrooms, good
                                                          Cheese: nice and stretchy, good
                                                          Sauce: sparse, not good
                                                          Crust: crispy bottom, but hard crust, not flexible & foldable like real NY pizza.

                                                          Service: Great service for a pizzeria. One of the employees there offered me a free drink because he was afraid I was waiting too long for my pizza. This is a family-owned joint. I saw a father and son team working there today.

                                                          Atmosphere: Lively, busy local lunch spot.

                                                          Conclusion: Not as good as Papa John's and expensive to boot. It's good pizza, just not great. I will not return for carry out because it is a poor value. However, if you want to dine-in, then they may be worth a visit because of the excellent customer service.

                                                          For example, Pastazio's Pizza in Addison circle was only $3 a slice. The pizza was a bit pricey because Joe's on Trinity Mills offers $2.25 per slice pizza. However, Pastazio's is worth it because the crust is thin, flexible, yet has a crispy bottom, they used fresh mushrooms, and the pizza was better than Papa John's.

                                                          Angelo & Vito's is expensive because they had $7 for just ONE slice pizza. You had to buy a slice with a salad and a drink for $7.

                                                          In contrast, next door to them on Trinity Mills and Tollway is a Papa Joe's pizza. They offer $6 for a drink, salad, and TWO slices of pizza. Granted, these slices were smaller than Angelo & Vito's slices, but you're still getting about 50% more pizza at Papa Joe's than Angelo & Vito. So, you're paying more for less pizza.

                                                          My quest for the best pizza within approximately 5 miles of 190 and Tollway continues....

                                                          1. re: lillymao

                                                            I've enjoyed Sbarro's from Texas to Time's Square, but I must cast a warning against the Sbarro's at Willow Bend Mall.
                                                            The employees are always courteous, but the pizza slices have been consistently bad each of the few times that I've eaten there over the last several years.
                                                            Today, the cheese was slightly cold and had a disgusting, foam-like consistency.
                                                            The crust was papery and tough, leading me to believe that it had been frozen.

                                    2. Tried Cavalli's for the first time last week and thought it was excellent, especially for the money. The crust is light and excellent, the toppings are fine and not too pricey. Did not try the mozzarella bufala but will do that next time. The salad was also excellent, good ingredients and enough balsamico to give it some real flavor. I think the owner was behind the register, and she really cares. I told her one of the soda dispensers was fizzing and she had someone on it in five seconds. At the end of the meal I told her that all I wanted changed next time was a little more tomato sauce on the pie, and she said that would be no problem. That kind of attention to detail and customers should keep this place going.

                                      1. Believe it or not, Domino's. I love their (paper) thin crust pizza with pepperoni. Excellent

                                        1. Diterra's Urban Italian 1928 Greenville ave, Dallas, Tx 75206 Offers cracker crust and regular with several choices of sauces, cheeses, meats and veggies. They do have Provel if you want St. Louis style, otherwise they default to mozz! Yummy!

                                          1. If the Grimaldi's in Allen is anywhere near as good as the one in Houston, you'll have found yourself a winner. The ingredients they use are simply AMAZING - best toppings (cheese, pepperoni, etc.) I've had ANYWHERE.

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                                            1. re: wompa164

                                              The only issue I have at all with the Allen location is a bit to "kid" friendly. It's not really the kind of place I expect to see lots of small kids. Because of this I prefer to eat at the West Village location in Dallas.

                                            2. Agree with the post on Louie's. Especially if you want a cocktail with your pizza.

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                                              1. re: LanceO

                                                I sound like a downer these days, and I am the least negative person any of you will ever meet. But, I cannot recommend Louie's in the slightest. The crust is entirely to crackery, to the point of bust a tooth dry (see: hard tack). The staff, well to say they are disgruntled is mild. They go beyond kitchy mean. I would like to say this Food Network thing turned them sour, but it has pretty much been standard operating procedure forever.

                                                One item I do enjoy at Louie's (and its not the 5 dollar can of Bud) are the crab fingers. Tasty my friend, tasty. You can pretty much get the same ones at Campisi's without the threat of death by waitress. if you must go, stay away from the stuffed clams. they are merely clam shells with Stouffer's boxed stuffing mix. no clams.

                                                1. re: DallasDude

                                                  I've never gotten Louie's and I have some close friends who swear by the place.

                                                  I've always felt they have a poor bar area, the ONLY thing good about the pizza is they use Jimmy's sausage and the parking sucks.

                                                  I understand that since the Diners, Drivers episode, things have only gotten worse.

                                                  1. re: Scagnetti

                                                    We ate at Louie's the other night. As I'm back on "Atkin's" at this time, I only had a double cheeseburger sans, bun. But, the pizza's looked great!
                                                    And, your right about the parking. And now also, long waits for a table. The side room was closed! Why? Don't know but there were only 2 gals waiting tables.
                                                    Btw, my cheeseburger was, great!

                                                    1. re: twinwillow

                                                      <<The side room was closed! Why?>>
                                                      I've been told, it's because Louie dosen't like the "hassle" of dealing with the dining area. Go figure.

                                                    2. re: Scagnetti

                                                      Jimmy's sausage is the best, but you can get that on the pizza's from Bryan Street Tavern (they even get their mozzarella from the mozzarella factory). Their pizzas are thin crust and quite tasty (tho don't get their chicken pesto kind..that one wasn't good imo).

                                                      1. re: pgwiz1

                                                        I sincerely despise Louies with a great passion. I have tried many times to enjoy it, but between the very hard crust and even harder waitresses, I am not going back.

                                                        And I think most know I usually only discuss positive experiences here, but Louies is a definite exception.

                                                        1. re: DallasDude

                                                          Louies was great 20 years ago when it was a "Media Bar" full of regulars. The smoking ban and DDD have tanked it. Louie used to tell people who asked if there was a non-smoking section, he'd say " we only have 2 sections, smoking and chain smoking". I don 't smoke, but it was a better place then.

                                                2. Colvines in legacy center plano

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                                                  1. re: Babssoca

                                                    You mean to say, you haven't been to Cane Rosso? The best pizza in Dallas!

                                                    But, If you want good pizza with the thinnest crust in Dallas, try Eno's on Bishop in Oak Cliff.

                                                    1. re: twinwillow

                                                      I just went to Eno's about a month ago. I had the Northside and found it generally lacking flavor, even though the menu listed a number of usually flavorful aromatics. I would expect to find a mild, sweet, European basil on pizza, but here, they chose to use the more pungent Asian variety (that, I did taste). The listed ingredient of salami was visually non-existent, so needless to say, that flavor also was non-existent. Disappointing.

                                                      Stick with Cane Rosso and order anything with the hot soppressata.

                                                      1. re: CocoaNut

                                                        My favorite pizza at Cane Rosso is the Regina Margherita with the aforementioned hot sopresatta.

                                                  2. Carmines Pizzeria @ Coit and Campbell. Nothing trendy. Nothing pretentious. Just GD good, thin crust, heavy on the toppings, old fashion pizza. And their stombolis are delicious.