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Sep 12, 2008 01:28 PM

24th birthday dinner/drinks


I'm looking for a place to do my 24th birthday for 5-7 people. Somewhere semi-trendy and a place where we can stay and drink the night away. Previous birthdays have been held at J Lounge, Geisha House.

food type: american, steakhouse, french, italian, japanese, chinese, maybe even mexican.

also willing to consider a restaurant and a nearby bar.

location: pasadena, hollywood, downtown la, beverly hills (don't really want to go to westwood or santa monica).
budget is probably 40$ for a plate (drinks not included).

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  1. I went to Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian on Sunset for dinner this weeks. Drinks were at the Skybar. Fab mojitos! Dinner was spectacular (but company-paid). The best items on the tasting menu were the tuna tartar, calamari salad, miso-glazed butterfish, coconut sticky rice, chocolate torte, coconut banana cake, and the flan. Super trendy restaurant designed my Phillipe Stark, and awesome outdoor area. It was simply beautiful to see the all the lights below Sunset.