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Sep 12, 2008 12:59 PM

good takeout near 13th & 6th

need good takeout resto's in this area. preference is for ethnic food, ie; Thai, Vietnamese
but any good ones will do.

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  1. For Chinese, Sammy's at 11th & 6th. Really good.

    1. Second Sammy's. Also Pita Joe.

      1. Some of the best filafil in the city is Tiem on Waverly and 7th, truely amazing. I also like Galanga for thai on West 4th

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        1. re: maxine

          just wanted to clarify--I think you're talking about Taim:

        2. Safran on 7th btw 15th and 16th has excellent Vietnamese cuisine.

          1. Spice on University (10th) is pretty good. Pan asian.