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good takeout near 13th & 6th

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need good takeout resto's in this area. preference is for ethnic food, ie; Thai, Vietnamese
but any good ones will do.

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  1. For Chinese, Sammy's at 11th & 6th. Really good.

    1. Second Sammy's. Also Pita Joe.

      1. Some of the best filafil in the city is Tiem on Waverly and 7th, truely amazing. I also like Galanga for thai on West 4th

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          just wanted to clarify--I think you're talking about Taim: http://www.menupages.com/restaurantde...

        2. Safran on 7th btw 15th and 16th has excellent Vietnamese cuisine.


          1. Spice on University (10th) is pretty good. Pan asian.

            1. thx for all of your advice, will try some of your recommendations. For last Sat evening, when we were baby sitting - I picked up dinner from Saigon Grill. gotta tell ya, after eating at asian resto's in NJ - what a treat this was!