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Sep 12, 2008 12:46 PM

Summer Hill Market (MillyGirl, pls Help)

It is true that the Summer Hill Market will no longer take orders for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?



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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I also believe that Bruno's also caters for the holidays too.

      1. re: millygirl

        Rather than starting gossip on here, why didn't someone just call SHM?

        Better yet, simply go to their website...

        " In order to focus on offering the highest quality prepared foods in our store, we are no longer taking special orders or catering. "

        1. re: danthediner

          Hey folks, just got back and I have good news from my friends at Summerhill Market. They will most definitely be doing the turkey catering for this thanksgiving. The menu should be updated on their website sometime next week. Yay!

          Now that we have overted that crisis, any road trips planned this fall bjinyyz?

          1. re: millygirl

            Wow. Thanks Millygirl.

            We are discussing road trips at the moment and trying to decide this years fall run. We were think of the slow drive out to Ottawa and hanging out there for a day or two however there is some talk of going down for a drive through parts of PA, USA.

    2. Hi there. Just had one of our of our customers mention this post. Looked it up and here it is! Rather than be a fly on the wall, I thought it be best to hear it directly as I know that the holiday dinners are very popular and important to many families.
      Yes, we will be doing the holiday dinners and in fact we also do catering but are not promoting this as we want to upgrade the quality/consistency of the food.

      We have actually been working all summer on a new website and catering menu we hope to launch in the coming weeks. Thank you so much for your interest and I'm at if you ever need for any reason. Best regards, Brad.

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      1. re: SummerhillMarket


        Thank you so much for the info and taking the time to post an update. My family is looking forward to this year's menu. My wife and I are done cooking the big meals for this year!

        1. re: SummerhillMarket

          I can't even imagine much of an upgrade to the quality of your food; last year's Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts we had from you were wonderful, and so reasonably priced. Your pot and meat pies are spectacular.

          Just reading this comment makes me very, very sad that I moved away from Toronto this month...

          1. re: vorpal

            so, any good eats there, wherever you've gone to?

            1. re: JamieK

              I'm in Ottawa now (where I was originally from - I was just in Toronto for part of my graduate studies), and yes, definitely! I find that while Toronto may have better high end cuisine, in Ottawa, it's easier to find general good eats in the low-to-midscale price range, which is more agreeable with a student's budget. For example, in Toronto, I went to a couple hundred restaurants and only really liked a small number of them. Here since my return I've been to maybe 10, and I've at least enjoyed them all (and had very good experiences at a couple).

        2. Just a note that All The Best Fine Foods has posted their Thanksgiving Day dinner catering menu for order -

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            1. re: BertmountBlues

              Thanks for the heads up BB (and I assume a Leslieville neighbour). Prices seem to have gone up since last year ($25 vs. $19), but the convenience of not having to make a turkey dinner is well worth it! Portions are quite generous too, there was enough for left overs.

              1. re: jayzie1

                Yes, new to the site, been in the hood for about 8 years. I think this is what my family is doing this year.

                1. re: BertmountBlues

                  I can assure you, you won't regret it, or the price. Enjoy!!

          1. Interesting note in the North Toronto Post. Chris Klugman, who had been the in-house chef at Summerhill, has moved to All the Best's catering operation. Apparently, Summerhill did 2000 turkey dinners last year. Wondering whether that will mean a change from the past year......