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Sep 12, 2008 12:41 PM


I know this topic is probably beaten to death--but need a good, maybe even great, place to eat in Healdsburg Thursday evening. BUT not too expensive. Any help out there.

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  1. Barn Diva!

    Or for an awesome neighborhood bistro, check out Mirepoix, in Windsor, just a few minutes south of Healdsburg on the 101. By far my favorite place to eat in all of Sonoma County. Don't forget to order fries, which are fried in duck fat. Everything is good, and the wine list has a good range of nice values by the glass.

    1. Great tapas-style place called Willi's Seafood and Raw Bar.

      1. probably a minority vote here, but having tried most of the usual suspects in the area, the place we'd most likely go back to is Santi's in Geyserville. Went in Aug., the edge they have over many places in Healdsburg is comfort, relative quiet, non-gimmicky/fussed over food. If you favor a younger scene with lots of 'buzz' it might not excite you. Barn Diva and Dry Creek Kitchen we tried in their first year of opening, thought they were good but not compelling, and they've probably changed since those times. enjoy your dinner

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            3rd Santi's. Worth the extra drive, which is beautiful. Some of the best food in Sonoma County.

            Go to Mirepoix if you are with someone whose conversation your don't enjoy. It's so noisy you won't be able to hear them, or your own thoughts for that matter. The food is good, but not outstanding, as it was when it was Mariposa, under different chef/owner.

            Willi's is very good for their raw bar. If you are from back east, don't order the lobster roll. It's not what you're used to and won't live up to the memory.

            Zin is very good.

          1. Ravenous is good almost great and not too expensive.