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Sep 12, 2008 12:15 PM

Scalloped potatoes

Does anyone have a recipe for scalloped potatoes that they love and would care to share it? Thanks

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  1. Not an exact art...

    you will need:

    thinly sliced yukon golds(or other waxy potato)- I use a mandoline for this task. 6-8 potatoes will generously serve 6 people(I mean generously- and with leftovers)
    heavy cream
    diced onion(1)
    minced garlic(to taste)
    herbs(thyme, rosemary and chives are great), optional

    1. Toss sliced potatos with garlic, onion and herbs 1-2T of flour in a bowl. Season well with S&P.
    2.. Liberally oil your baking dish( and cover with a layer or overlapping potatos.Make certain the onions and garlic are evenly scattered among the slices.
    3. Fill to 1/2" of the top of your dish(as the dish bakes, layers will soften and collaspe some- the 1/2" gives enough room to turn the dish in the oven without slopping the dairy all over the place.
    4. Cover potatoes with at least 1 cup cream, and continue with milk until entirely covered. Use all cream if you like, but don't go with all milk- not as rich, and the sauce tends to be runny.
    5 Bake at 400 on a sheet pan on the lowest rack. Cover with foil for the first 30 minutes of baking and then continue to bake uncovered for 1 more hour- the dairy will bubble up and spill over. Total cooking time: 1.5 hours
    6. Potatoes are done when you can easily insert a knife into the potatoes(no resistance) and the top is unformly brown and crispy.

    You can add a hard cheese like parmesan to the potatoes layers without changing the cooking time or consistency. Play around- I don't have a recipe that I always follow because this is a flexible, rustic dish. Add herbs or don't. Add bacon or don't. Cheese? If you please. Leftover are just as good, so make plenty!

    Hope that helps!

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      Toss in some dried porcini pieces, and wow!

    2. i'm looking forward to this thread. i love scalloped potatoes. the best i ever had were so lusciously tender, and the creamy component was in perfect balance with the potatoes. the dish was served with a beautiful rare tenderloin, with a horseradish sauce. i was a shameless piggy-poo that day.

      1. I always use baking potatoes, because that's what Mom used, and because I like'em soft. She never used flour, just cracker crumbs, thin-sliced onion, butter, salt, pepper and milk, laying the potato slices in three layers, with crumbs etc. topping each one. Her killer version had two layers of potatoes, with a layer of thinly-sliced ham* between them. Then she'd pour in enough milk to come up JUST to the top layer of crumbs (easy to do if you use a glass pan) and bake it until it was brown and the milk was all absorbed.

        I like to incorporate cheese - sharp cheddar, maybe pepper jack - into mine, and use panko crumbs (sometimes) instead of cracker crumbs. I also like to use evaporated milk.

        * If you DARE use Spam in here you're probably going to Hell, but go ahead and invite me over anyway...

        1. The very best potato gratin/scalloped potato dish I've made, and the best I've had outside of restaurants, is from Cooks Illustrated, November & December 1999: Holiday Potato Casserole with Gouda, Garlic and Thyme.

          Here's the link, unfortunately only available to those who are CI-online members:

          Whenever I've made this everyone clamors for the recipe.

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            I slice Idaho potatoes and one sweet onion on a mandoline. Put them in a large sauce pan, and add heavy cream to cover with salt, pepper and nutmeg. I bring them to a light boil and pour them into a buttered baking dish and cover with shredded Gruyere cheese. Bake at 400 degrees for 1 - 1 1/2 hours, until bubbly and brown. I used to add garlic but I find that it overpowers the other, more subtle flavors. We usually like to eat scalloped potatoes with a roast beef and I will roast a head of elephant garlic on the side to spread on the sliced meat.

              1. re: Mother of four

                Yes! That's the one, it is so good. Have you tried it?

                1. re: janniecooks

                  No, I did a search on it and that came up. I used to belong to Cooks Illustrated web site, but when my year expired and it went up to $24, enough is enough. To me, that is a big rib off, especially since that is the "special rate" for those who also subscribe to the magazine. I'm at the point where I am mad enough to not renew my subscription.

              2. re: janniecooks

                here is the cook's illustrated recipe from someone's blog. although i don't see the gouda cheese....

                1. re: janniecooks

                  here is the cook's illustrated recipe from someone's blog. although i don't see the gouda cheese....

                  do people ever layer the slices vertically, like cds in a jukebox? iirc, i've had them like this, though they were on a slight angle (60 degrees?), as i recall....

                2. If you feel like something a little different, try goat cheese in your scalloped potatoes. So delicious!