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Sep 12, 2008 11:33 AM

Good Persian in South OC - House of Kabob in Lake Forest

House of Kabob is in Lake Forest not too far from Portola Parkway on the eastern side of Lake Forest. They are right off the corner of Dimension and Lake Forest, behind the Baja Fresh.

Someone recommended House of Kabob as a good place for Persian food. They were right. It was VERY good. Not a big place. Actually more of a take out place with some nice decor and tables than a true full service restaurant. However, very comfortable to sit and eat. Don't get me wrong, service and food were great.

The person who recommended this place told me that the owners are really big into the catering business, and that is the primary business in the back. However, the food here is terrific. So good that we are thinking about having them cater a party sometime soon.

We had the Hummus - traditional and good. Tadiq, a Persion crusty rice dish, with all three sauces and it was great. Exactly what we wanted from this appetizer. We had a couple of orders of Kabob Barg, or sometimes known as Chelo Kabab Barg, filet that is butterflied very flat and served with the traditional Persian long grain aromatic rice. Excellent Barg. Also had some Lubia Polo a rice dish that has beef and green beans mixed in with a savory saffron (or turmeric) based flavoring giving the rice an orange color. Lubia Polo is one of my favorite rice dishes and they executed it well here.

Prices are reasonable and service is good. We will definitely be going back.

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  1. Agreed. It is very, very good. I have some pictures of the food I had (and also the place) this past June:

    1. Try Bahar, especially their different polo rices with barberries and orange peel, atop the market at the intersection of Crown Valley and Marguerite. It's worth the trip. Best Persian food I've had around South OC, puts many of the others to shame. My wife loves the cornish game hens, I live the ground chicken, everything has always been top quality. I'd put their food over any of the others. (It's in the shopping center where the Home Depot is.)

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        I've actually been there several times. I think their food is very good. But based upon my first visit, I would give the edge to House of Kabob. Although it has been about a year since my last visit to Bahar. I will try again soon. Either is a very good choice for Persian.

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          We just had lunch at Darya and it has gone downhill. The chicken barg was Ok, but the koobideh's texture was all wrong. It was like a glue or paste. The house of kabob was better, but the beef barg and chicken barg were too thin. I have yet to find a good persian restaurant around and we have tried many of them.

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            Sorry to hear this - this is the Darya near South Coast Plaza, correct ?

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                I haven't tried Darya in such a long time, but I loved Dara and House of Kabob is almost as good my meal at Darya. The place has very juicy cuts of beef and flavorful buttery rice. When you order the fish, they give it to you whole (head, tail, everything). It's exactly how my vietnamese mom prepares fried fish minus the nuoc cham.