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Sep 12, 2008 11:24 AM

Lunch in Malvern/Exton Area

I have recently started a new job in the Malvern/Exton area and I'm looking for places for lunch. I've already discovered some gems (Classic Diner, Margaret Kuo's) and some solid places (McKenzie, Bamboo) but I am always interested in trying new places. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. Green Papaya (just across from the CC Library on Bus. Rt. 30) and the Drafting Room on Rt. 100 are two that come to mind.

    1. Carmines Parkside.Good food and always a personal touch.

      1. If you like Indian there are some great options in Malvern. Han Dynasty for Chinese in Exton

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          ya, royal india is in malvern, i think, and it's tasty.

          the food wasn't stellar, but the beer list at the flying pig is wonderful.

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            Himilayan in the plaza at 401 in Frazer, Royal Thai Orchid in the plaza with the Staples in Frazer, Ship Inn in Exton is alright for lunch--good desserts, plus all the restaurants in West Chester. Also Anthony's on King Street in Malvern has good basic Italian.

        2. For breakfast, you can try a pastry fro; the Strawberry Bakery on Lancaster Ave:

          365 Lancaster Ave
          Frazer, PA 19355 map
          district: Frazer

          Tel. +1 610.644.8484

          Did you ever try Cosimo?
          I love this restaurant. The setting is gorgeous, they have a nice wine list, and great prix-fixe lunch for 9.95. Desserts are worth a try (there is a pastry chef on staff).

          For dessert, I love the mini cupcakes from the Cupcakes Gourmet store, which recently opened:
          My favorites are the PB/chocolate and Cafe Mocha. Just had those at lunch today :-)

          I hope you get to try these places.

          1. I regularly visit King Street Grille. It's next to Margaret Kuo's and across the street from Cosimo's. Chef Randy's food is great, the portions huge (take home for another meal), and the prices are good. I try to get there for breakfast once a week, and lunch once a week.

            The Bamboo Restaurant is very good too. My husband and I do take out from there once a week. It's right next Cosimo's at the Lincoln Court shopping center. They are a Vietmanese restaurant. Great spring rolls, Pho (traditional Vietmanese soup), and other dishes with rice or noodle. All their dishes are very fresh and delicious. The gentleman that runs (and I think owns) the place, Mihn, is a very nice guy.

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              Oh, I forgot about Aoki in Main Street in Exton. Very good Japanese food. Their Bento Box lunch specials are very tasty and inexpensive too.