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Sep 12, 2008 11:13 AM

Culver City Saturday Night Dinner Rec?

We're taking a friend to dinner Saturday night in Culver City. Any suggestions? Any cuisine and price range is fine.

Thanks, chows!

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  1. Just an inch and a half down the page from your query:

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    1. re: Servorg

      Thank you. Reservation made for tomorrow evening at Brunello. Looking forward to the experience. Will report.

    2. The recs for Culver City usually point to the Downtown area (Fraiche, Akasha, etc., etc.) but posters basilboy and SecretAsianMan have recently posted about a great Italian place at the eastern edge of Culver City.

      Brunello, while not in the best part of Culver City, sounds like a sure bet with a fairly broad range of regional Italian dishes prepared and presented with a high degree of love and taste by a family from the old country. If it's stirred some serious interest in poster Servorg, you can bet it's worth some investigative journalism (meaning you might consider this, and if you do go, get back to us, okay? :))...

      1. Personally, I'd go to Wilson. I like Brunello a lot. But if price were no object, I'd go to Wilson. And probably do a tasting menu. They've brought their pricing down a bit, and their tm pricing is surprisingly good.