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Sep 12, 2008 10:57 AM

New Sunflower Market - Denver Burbs

Just thought I'd pass along that I found out a new Sunflower Market is opening at Parker and Arapahoe. Just blocks from my office! The shopping center's grand opening is October 11th &12th so hopefully that's when the market will open.

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  1. I'm guessing the SW corner of that intersection? Their website says 15405 E. Briarwood Circle, Aurora, Co, Opening October 8, 2008. That address is not in the Google Maps database, yet, but the satellite image looks like step one of strip mall construction.

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    1. Sunflower is a wonderful store! You are so lucky; I used to shop at the one in ABQ before moving to SW Colorado and I miss it! Stop there whenever I am in ABQ.

      Fresh food, great prices, way better than Whole Foods and even Trader Joes. I am jealous.

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      1. re: DebitNM

        Well, I already have one somewhat close to my home but it's in an area I never get over to so I forget to go. This is literally a couple of miles from my office so it will be easy to go over at lunch to get groceries. And with 2 fridges at work I can store things there until I head home. It looks like one will be opening in Colorado Springs in 2009 if that's closer to you than ABQ. Guess that depends on where in SW CO you are.

      2. I've only been to Sunflower (the one in Boulder) once, and wasn't particularly impressed. I bought some produce there was was cheap, but turned out to be really bad quality and went off within a day or two (this was artichokes, not anything terribly ephemeral). The meat/cheese selection didn't seem any better or cheaper than Safeway.

        I gather that it is like TJ's in that there is a certain set of products that they carry that are "worth the trip"? Does anyone have any favorite things that are unique to Sunflower?

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          I like their bulk bins and find that if I watch the sale flyers I can get things cheaper than at the other grocery stores around me. But, I watch the sale flyers for all the ones I frequent and plan my trips accordingly. I have decided that I don't like their grape source but have gotten other produce there that's fine.

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            I haven't had issues with inferior quality at the one on S. Colo. in Denver, FWIW...and the prices are generally lower than anywhere else.

          2. I shop at the Boulder location and am looking forward to the Longmont location (coming soon!) opening.

            But now that somebody here mentioned it, I've found that their produce does tend to go bad on me sooner, too. Huh. Oh well.

            And I get the sales flyers a week behind. So, that's weird too.

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            1. re: Metalee

              I used to work in the natural foods world - both retail and wholesale. On the produce side of the business, there are definitely quality grades. My impression of the produce at Sunflower is they buy #2 quality produce, so it does go bad quickly. The key is to buy exactly what you need in the few days after you shop, refrigerate everything, and realize you are getting a good deal for the quantity you do consume.

              1. re: former minnesotan

                Agreed. I live in AZ and have one near me. They have some great deals on produce but you have to use it fairly fast - which isn't a bad thing as it's easy to overshop, stick things in parts of the fridge, only to dump them at a later date after forgetting about them.

                The store near me had a lot more deli, ready-cooked fare a few years ago, but seemed to have scaled back. Their entrees were interesting/different, but now it's mostly soup/chicken/burritos. This might refelect the local market for this store, not the chain.

                Otherwise the bulk food is good and they carry a lot of product not found in the bigger grocers, particularly for those with specific dietary needs. I'm not vegan, but they carry a veggie "beef" taquito product that has me fooled. But it's also not strict - they have meats, beer, snacks, wine, gelato, etc. They seem to employ the philosophy of providing all things for all people but with healthier-focused options. For example, if you're going to have BBQ potato chips, they should be a better variety.

                It might not fill all of your grocery needs, but swing by and you'll find a lot of stuff.