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Sep 12, 2008 10:39 AM

Late Sunday night drinks (Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena environs)

My husband and I are attending a wedding at Castaway in Burbank on Sunday evening. We're supposed to meet up with some friends in the area afterwards for drinks. Our friends are coming from the Valley, and we want to meet somewhere around the Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena area. I work in the area, but am not familiar with the Sunday night atmosphere. Does anyone have recs for a place with great drinks and ambiance?

Thanks very much!

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  1. Hi!

    I really wouldn't know what is open on a Sunday night (how late??) for drinks, but I AM a local so....

    First, the obvious: Have you considered the Castaways itself? It is known for deeply mediocre food but a spectacular view. It's best, in fact, for drinks (sunset is really nice, but evenings too.) So Id' first check out how late they are open! It is very pretty. Believe me, I know that view well!!

    There are not a lot of "great" places in Burbank (sorry to say)... The old (and I mean old) Smokehouse (located by the studios) is camp (think 1950ish) and definiely is dark, red-leather-booth-y with a highly featured bar. I kind of like the place for the nostalgia factor (the food, not so much!)

    There is a lovely little place called Bistro Provence in Burbank (hidden in a strip mall) down on Pass Avenue near Verdugo. Very cozy, usually good food, small but very friendly bar. The same owner/chef has a bigger place in Burbank (by the mall/Ikea) called "Third and Olive" (located at, amazingly, 3rd st and Olive!) and people like it. Not tacky, not a chain, more San Francisco-looking. Has a big(ger) bar and I've heard "rat pack"-era music played there joyously. Many locals like it a lot.

    As far as Glendale goes, everyone is raving (or almost raving) about Palate on Brand Blvd. You'll see a LOT of musings on it on Chowhound currently! You MUST read those!!

    Other Glendale haunts are more chain-like, I think. Or "funny"/camp like Damon's which is like walking into the Tiki Rooom. It's iconic in Glendale and it DOES make me smile, but it is NOT a foodie-delight(!) [Buti f you're in the mood to sip a Zombie, it's your place..!] Eons ago, we used to go to JAX also on Brand for jazz and drinks/small bites, but I haven't been in years. Some people love (the Italian restaurant) Far Niente, but I haven't been in years either. On the mideastern front, pople LOVE Carousel in Glendale, but I haven't yet been (I'd LOVE to, though!)

    In Pasadena, the world's your oyster, as they say. LOTS of choices. For late night, maybe the Parkway Grill would be a good choice (but some say it has gone downhill a bit over the years). Not cheap. Pretty. I still liked it when I went about 2 years ago, but they charge for the bread on the table! (Class-less!!)

    Some people like JJ's Steak House, i think it's called, on Colorado. Also DeLacy's.

    The old Huntington Hotel in Pasadena (San Marino) is gorgeous and hotel bars are usually open late. Can't be a "bargain" (it WAS a Ritz Carlton, after all!) but we had good food, not-so-friendly service (but that was the restaurant) and, again, it is beautiful. I believe it's called "Latham" now..?

    The Raymond restaurant is an interesting, very pretty small place in Pasadena -- new management/ownership and they say the food is better. Very small bar though. I love the look and feel of the place...

    And I'm sure there's lots more!!

    Bon Apetit and have fun!

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      Thanks, susiequeue! That's a most awesome list of recs! I'll be doing some research to figure out which is open late enough for us. The wedding's at 5:30pm, and I've no idea how it's supposed to last. My best guess is it'll go to at least 9:00pm, so I figured it might be difficult to find a place that's open. I know the chains will be open, but let's be honest, most CH'ers dislike chains.

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        If you're looking for a bar, California allows them to stay open until 2am, even on Sundays...

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          We're looking for any place that's good and is open late. Nothing too crazy or loud, but definitely a nice place where old friends can catch up. If you've got ideas, please feel free to add your recs.

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        The former Ritz in South Pasadena, now the Langham Hotel, has a really nice environment for Sunday drinks. I highly recommend it.

        1. Blue Room (+2miles from Castaway)
          916 S. San Fernando Rd (at Alameda)
          Burbank, CA 91502
          (323) 849-2779
          Daily Hours 10AM-2AM

          Gordon Biersch (+2miles from Castaway)
          145 S San Fernando Blvd
          Burbank, CA 91502
          (818) 569-5240
          Sun-Thurs: 11:30 AM - Midnight
          Fri-Sat: 11:30 AM - 1:00 AM
          Late nite happy hour 10PM-close

          Big Foot Lodge (+8-ish miles from Castaway
          )3172 Los Feliz Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA 90039-1507
          (323) 662-9227
          Daily Hours 5PM-2AM

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          1. re: yinyangdi

            I really don't think Big Foot Lodge + Blue Room are places to go after a wedding at castaway....

            there really aren't many upscale/cute "just drinks" places in glendale/burbank.

            Palate and Carousel are great for dinner, but I'm not sure "just for drinks". Far Niente has a bar located next to the dinning room (but with a separate entrance) called Bar FN. I haven't been on a sunday, so I'm not sure what the sunday crowd is like, probably minimal and a 30+ crowd.

            You can even stay at Castaway. There's a huge outdoor patio with fire pits. Self-seating. Average drinks, great view. It's been cold lately, so make sure you have a coat.

            I'd definitely say head to the pasadena area.

          2. I second Magnolia, but would say the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena. The library-esque bar in the back always, ALWAYS, has a lovely atmosphere.

            1. Thanks to all your great CH'ers! You've definitely given me a great list of interesting places to check out. I might end up going through the list with myy co-workers for happy hour.