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Sep 12, 2008 09:53 AM

How long will this last?!?!

Yesterday (thursday) i thawed 2 chicken breast and made a couple kebabs thinking i would make them tonight. Now I have plans this weekend and was wondering if they will be ok in my fridge until monday which is 4 days after i thawed the chicken. I dont want to freeze them because of the veggies, so do you guys think id be able to eat these on monday without any side effects lol/ Thanks alot

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  1. That seems like too long to me. I'd be inclined just to cook them and freeze them for another use.

    1. I wouldn't eat them then either. Cook now and figure out a use later. A little soup, a little stew, reheat and serve over rice or pasta. But no to holding chicken in the fridge for five days.