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Sep 12, 2008 09:48 AM

Fairview Inn, Marshfield - nothing to recommend but the view

Thanks to CH, I found The Fairview Inn as a mid-way meeting point for lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in nearly 40 years. The reunion was good, but the food and service were kinda bad.

I'd made a reservation in my name, and was first to arrive. I requested a window table (across the street is the seawall and water), but visited the ladie's room before going to the table. My friend and her companion came in while I was in the loo, were told I wasn't there yet, and were seated at a table on the other side of the half-full dining room. It was 20 minutes before she spotted me as I tried for the nth time to call her on my cell, which read "no service", The menu was largely different from that which is on their website. What few seafood offerings there were were boilerplate. My friend ordered a cup of chowder and an entree salad, her companion a blue cheese burger with fries, and I ordered an open-faced hanger steak sandwich, rare, with blue-cheese butter, with a side of corn pudding. I substituted mashed potatoes for fries - they were fairly soupy and likely instant. The steak was properly done, but hard to cut with the large, wooden-handled, pointed but totally dull, non-serrated knife. It was sitting on a dry slab of scali bread. The yellow-gray corn pudding had been unmolded from a ramekin, and sat to the side of a too-large plate. Nobody's plates had any garnish, and looked like the food had just been haphazardly tossed onto them. The waitress brought the salad but had to be reminded of the chowder. We didn't need refills on water or coffee, but nobody ever checked on this. The steak fries looked soggy and were alarmingly gray. We split a ho-hum piece of cheesecake.

The consensus was that the food was uniformly mediocre. Since we were there for a reunion, the meal wasn't really an issue - I could have asked for a different knife
but was focussed on conversation. The total tab was $66. Most of the diners appeared to be retirees. For our purposes, it sufficed. But it is not a place I would take someone who's at all particular about quality food and service.

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  1. This place was really wonderful when it first opened, the view is of course wonderful and in cooler weather the fireplace so welcome. The food used to match the ambiance and was consistently outstanding until one day when the usual entree was simply awful and it never seemed to improve after that (I went one more time thinking that I had encountered an off day). It used to be a favorite place but no longer.

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      I agree with taddybelle. We discovered it the first summer it opened and went a lot, but by the next year it was totally generic and mediocre. Shame.

    2. I have only been to the Fairview in the summer (was there in August) and had no difficulty with service or food - I would not put it in the fine dining category, which is really too bad because the view is lovely. Also stayed there, and had a pleasant one, rooms are clean and quaint and had an ocean view.