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Sep 12, 2008 09:10 AM

Upcoming food festival list @ Yoyogi Park

Just wanted to add the dates of the upcoming food festivals in Yoyogi Park for anyone who's interested. The Brazilian fest last week was dope.

Sept. 13th-14th Sri Lankan Festival

Sept. 20th-21st Vietnamese Festival

Sept. 27th-28th Indian Festival

Even if your just visiting Japan it's a good excuse to get outside, eat, and imbibe large amounts of alchohol!

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  1. Thanks for these - I didn't know about the Indian one. Have you found a master schedule somewhere? A website?

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      1. re: kuidaore

        Thanks. I'm surprised they only have the current month's schedule up, though.

        1. re: steamer

          Don't forget Oktoberfest in Hibiya park this Weds-Friday.

          1. re: lost squirrel

            Missed the Okt fest, but the Mexican Fest in Daiba was pretty much wrecked by the almost never ending rain we've been having. Except for the El Borracho booth which seemed hell bent on having a fiesta not matter what, It had a really long line and carne asada cooked over a smoking charcoal fire seasoned well with blaring Norteno music. Had a very good taco al pastor, a carne asada taco, and my pal said the Mexican style chorizo and egg taco was great too. With an ice cold Tecate in hand, I was Mexican heaven for a few minutes. Better luck next year.

            1. re: steamer

              Good news, I've been meaning to try that place.

              The vietnamese festival was pretty good. Even with a raging hangover, I got to sample some good chicken wings and pho, although the bhan mi was a bust at the place we tried. Unfortunately I forgot the names of all the places!