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What do you do with your used wine bottles?

Recycle? Keep them to display somewhere? Just curious. I toss out the everyday bottles and keep the bottles with a label I like.

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  1. Recycle! I used to have to do a recycle run every 2 months or so,
    but the city where I live now recycles all plastic or glass containers.
    It has distributed special sorting bins for containers and paper to
    all homeowners and picks them up once a week.

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      Recycle, unless the bottle is art, like Dolce or the Perrier-Jouet Fleur. But I recycle those too, either using the Dolce bottle for olive oil, or dish soap (wth a pourer/stopper) or giving it away. If the bottle has sentimental value -- like the Perrier-Jouet Fleur Rose Champagne that we drunk for an anniversary (it was given to us), I may use it awhile as a flower vase, but I can be kinda corny. Eventually that bottle went to a friend who used it in a sculpture.

    2. If I kept every bottle with a label I like, I don't think I'd have a place to sleep.

      Might be easier to remove the labels, and recycle the bottles. Once in awhile, I keep a bottle to use as a water carafe.

      1. I bring them to the beer store for the refund, usually once a month.

        Saying that, i also have one I kept for everyday olive oil, a few clear ones I use for water, and the smaller 200-375 ice wine bottles or half bottles get kept to infuse olive oils in. Simple fill bottle with say rosemary, fill with olive oil, put a cork back in it then forget about it for a while.

        Labels, I usually take off the ones I like and put them in a book to keep them flat (not glued into a book but just placed in between some pages.)

        1. Once upon a time you would take the bottles back to the store and buy loose wine.
          Oh well...
          Next best: take them to Italy and watch out for the signs "Vendita vino sfuso".

          1. Clean them, remove the labels and fill them with more wine. Now THAT'S recycling! =D

            1. Why, I use them as a cheesy candle holder of course!. After a few dozen taper candles they become a vintage 70's work of art!

              1. i used to paint them and use them as bud vases or candle holders.. gave many away

                now i dont do that anymore

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                  I give them to a neighbor, he loves us...soooo many bottles he makes a little cash and I feel good knowing they are going to good use....again

                2. Recycle bin. Sometimes, it is tough wheeling it up the mountain, but that's life.

                  Now, if I could only find something to do with my corks. I've got more trivets and message boards, than I can ever use or give away. I've used them in any way that I can think of, save one. On Hilton Head Island, the sommelier of a restaurant there, had used a glue gun to affix Champagne corks to the entire exterior of his Dodge mini-van. Somehow, I cannot see my Landcruiser with corks all over it, and wife won't even consider that treatment for her Mercedes! Do you need a few thousand corks?


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                    "Now, if I could only find something to do with my corks"

                    Put a couple corks in the frying pan, it extends the life of the oil.
                    Sounds weird, I know, but it works!

                    1. re: Bill Hunt

                      Well Mr. Hunt, I was thinking of repainting the apt, but if you're offering, maybe I'll go for something like this (see pic). What would the postage be on 5000 corks?

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                        Hmm - maybe you could use them for a cork floor? (grin)

                        1. re: MMRuth

                          I know we get tons of teachers asking for our extra corks, maybe contact a school, daycare or woman's shelter see if they might need some free "project" supplies. The other request we get is from people who raise orchids...don't ask I have no idea why but maybe ask a nursery?

                          1. re: bubbles4me

                            Cork is probably used in the potting of orchids.