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Best Burger in Raleigh?

I am going to begin a search for the best burger in Raleigh?

Any ideas of where to start or out of the way places I may not know of?

I will not go to any chains but CharGrill still makes a darn fine burger.

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  1. I think the Pour House makes a pretty good burger, especially the Gabby burger. It is at the corner of Hillsborough and Oberlin and has the added benefit of being in the same block as LocoPops for dessert.

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      Pour House? Do you mean the PR (Players Retreat)?

      The Pour House is in Moores Square and I didn't think they served food.

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        i meant Players Retreat... it has been a long week!

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          We had good burgers at PR tonight, but suggest ordering them a grade more rare than you want them. My medium came medium well and my SO's medium rare came medium. Otherwise, they were great.

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            PR definitely makes a darn fine burger. And they grind the meat in-house, so you can actually order it rare and medium rare.

    2. Raleigh proper, or outlying communities as well? How far do you want suggestions? The Chapel Hill crowd talks up this subject all the time. I'm pretty sure there have been active threads on this debate within the last 8 months if you do a search. Here's one thread for you: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/484793

      Off the top of my head, here are some of the places close to Raleigh that usually get mentioned (by no means comprehensive and not representing my personal opinions):

      Angus Barn
      Abbey Road
      Porter's Tavern
      Sawmill Taproom

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        love Abbey Road
        been to the Sawmill Taproom but never had a burger
        never thought about a burger at Angus barn

        for my search I'm in Fuquay- so Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Durham (for my lunch break if close to RTP area)
        Chapel Hill is a bit far

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          As far as the Angus Barn is concerned, their claim to fame is a hunk of beef that is truly obscene. I think it is well over a pound. As the waitress brings it out, people turn and stare, then start pointing and nudging their neighbors. I got it in the upstairs Turkey Lounge, which has the full menu available and much quicker seating. You can get a kid's version, which is down to merely "oversized". Honestly, one burger can fill up two adults. The beef is a quality cut, but I felt it didn't have any special flavor that made it stand out beyond the size.

      2. Cloo's Coney Island at Mission Valley, are they still open? I haven't lived in Raleigh in six years. They are known for their hot dogs, but their burgers were delish!!

        1. I like Fat Daddy's on Glenwood, mostly for the great serve yourself fixins, but I don't claim to be a burger connoisseur. Mo's on Peace/Glenwood isn't bad either.

          1. There are two great burgers in Raleigh, the rest are "good":
            * Raleigh Times Bar (Hargett near Fayetteville) - ground onsite.
            * Cameron Bar & Grill

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              I would second the RTB suggestion, with the caveat that I haven't been there in ages (moved to Chapel Hill) and that in general I thought the food there was much better when Ashley Christensen was more involved.

            2. In Raleigh, besides those already mentioned, there is Capitol City Chop House and Hi 5 (great $5 burger and for $2 more you can get Kobe). Durham burgers that are pretty good include Ted's Montana Grill (bison available), Federal, Dain's Place and City Beverage.

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                Klaatu, I have to respectfully disagree on the Ted's recommendation. I had one of the worst burgers - not to mention most deplorable service experiences - of my entire life at Ted's.

                The Fed, though - yummy!

              2. The Chop House restaurants have a great burger. Highly recommended.

                1. Ok we started the trek 2 weekends ago at Abbey Road.
                  I had the Ringo -Grilled mushrooms and onions, American and Havarti cheeses. Very good- but slightly over cooked. My Wife had the George and shw was happy.
                  This past week we did The Cameron Bar & Grill, I got The Burger which was excellent. Perfectly cooked. Not a lot of frills but a great burger.

                  1. Mojo's across from Mellow Mushroom (glenwood and peace street) has good burgers.

                    also I really like the burgers at Barry's Cafe (Tryon road and Holly springs rd) in Raleigh.

                    1. Here's a quirky lunch spot for a burger in Raleigh--The Capital Ice Market and Grill--on the corner of South and South Saunders near Dorothea Dix. Strictly take out, but they feature a double cheeseburger special with steak fries for about $5. Always cooked fresh and served with salt, pepper, ketchup and napkins in the bottom of the bag. I get mine with Lettuce, tomato and mayo only for a slight upcharge. And be sure and get a piece of their scratch-made pound cake for dessert. Yummm!

                      1. On the upscale side, the burger at Poole's Diner is an experience. They had some affected name for it (I don't remember what, but we had to ask the waitress and she explained it was a cheeseburger). Softball-sized and -shaped, with a thin coating of molten cheese, and no bun as I recall. Very rich and delicous.

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                          That's the "Royale", taking it's name from a scene in the movie Pulp Fiction. And it's a fine burger indeed.

                        2. The Raleigh Times. Best burger in town. Period.

                          MoJoe's is pretty good too. But just go to the Times.

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                            MoJoe's has a really good burger but you have to order the Big 'Mo, which is a 1/2 lb. freshly ground beef; their regular burger is just a frozen patty.

                            I have to say though that yes, the Times burger is phenomenal. I can't believe I had it for the first time only yesterday! I was blown away. The PR is great too, but at the Times they make their own ketchup and mayo and there's something especially good about that.