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Sep 12, 2008 08:33 AM

Viva in Red Hook

I'm thinking of going for dinner. Is it worth a trip? If so, what should I order?

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  1. It's slightly better than average Mexican food. Good for stopping in if you're in the area, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. For red hook Mexican, Alma is more of a destination spot, if only for the awesome view.

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    1. re: oolah

      Agreed, it's decent but not necessarily destination-worthy.

      Their myspace page has typically obnoxious music that I can't figure out how to stop, and photos of the food..

      (or go straight to the photobucket acct with just the photos


      Two dishes I remember fondly are chimichangas and a shrimp burrito with an elaborate name.

      1. re: scooter

        I ended up going last night and agree with Oolah and Scooter. The food is okay, but nothing special. I had hoped it would be on par with El Huipal, the Mexican restaurant that was in the space before, but they're not even close. Of course, El Huipal was based on a specific Mexican region (I don't remember exactly where) and Viva is Tex-Mex, but the folks in El Huipal's kitchen really worked hard to put out a great product. Their mole was sublime.

    2. As long as Red Hookers are reading this, I'll hijack the thread.

      What's the name of that tapas place on Columbia -- not far from Alma?

      And is it any good? Thanks.


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      1. re: Peter

        Red's Produce

        Can't answer the rest of your question, as I've never been.

        1. re: Greg

          Thanks, Greg.

          Based on those reviews you linked to, and the ones I found on Yelp, I think I'll have to give it some time and see if the food improves.


          1. re: Greg

            There's also Sugar Lounge, just up the street from Alma. Not Spanish tapas, but they do have small plates. It's more of a bar than a restaurant, but it's a nice place to grab a late night bite when everything else nearby is closed.

            Reds Produce
            289 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11226

            147 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

        2. The huevos rancheros at Viva are fantastic, definately worth going out of the way for.