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Sep 12, 2008 08:32 AM

keens steakhouse recommendations

Thanks to all of your suggestions, I have made reservations at Keens Steakhouse for Saturday to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. I just wanted to find out if anyone had any absolutely must try appetizer (specifically comments on the crab cakes among others), sides/potatoes or dessert (specifically comments on the chocolate cake and cheesecake amont others) suggestions. Also, I have no idea what type of meat would be best to get. I usually like filet but I feel that I should go for a more hunky piece of beef at a place like this. I was thinking I'd go for the porterhouse or sirloin. Lastly, since they don't list on the website does anyone know how many ozs each of the steaks tends to be?


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  1. The apps and sides at Keens seem to me to be pretty standard and unexciting. But if you go and don't get the Mutton Chop, you are missing out big-time. It is incredible and I haven't had anything like it elsewhere. Any cut of steak is pretty great as well.

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    1. Keens is absolutely incredible. I had the lobster cocktail once as an appetizer but its not on the menu anymore. But you don't want to waste time on that anyway. They do give you a crudite of carrots, celery, and pickles which is pretty good as a nice free treat.

      On to what's important the meat. You must order the porterhouse it is amazing. They are tied for my second best steak with Strip House right behind the best Peter Luger of course. The prime rib is also one of the best steaks I have had. For sides stick to the fries and creamed spinach- both executed to perfection. Haven't tried other sides but will try the carrots and cauliflower next.

      As for dessert get either the hot fudge sundae or cobbler.

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        nikklos is right on about the mutton chop, or saddle of lamb. My order of preference is: (1) mutton chop; (2) prime rib; and (3) porterhouse. All are excellent, but the mutton is pretty unique to Keens. As far as portion sizes, I generally leave with enough leftovers for a second meal. Enjoy!

      2. Never bothered with sides and apps. I hear the prime rib hash is good. As far as meat, I can never get past the prime rib which may be the best i've ever had. the mutton chop is also great and unique. i recommend sharing one of each.

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          We'll be at Keens in 2 weeks. Nobody seems to be mentioning the filet mignon. Is it a mistake to order it?

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            The filet is a waste when you can order porterhouse or prime rib. As for thew's question about the pun menu- They will serve you the same mutton chop that is on the regular menu =) Keens is great!....

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              We've had the filet mignon, and it was excellent. My husband usually orders the mutton chop because it's not something he can get anyplace else. And, though I like steak, I actually prefer lamb, so I most often order the lamb chops, which are some of the best anywhere. The place was not originally called Keens *Chophouse* for nothing!

          2. sorry to hijack but - i was thinking of going to keens by myself one day... how different is the pub menu mutton chop from the standard chop?

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              I'd say its about 40% of the size of the regular or less. They remove a large chunk of the main portion.I prefer the regular chop.

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                ive never been... so rough ballpark... how big is the pub and how big is the main room chop?

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                  I'm not sure if it's still accurate but this is from the '05 NYTimes review:
                  "The mutton chop at Keens, a 26-ounce saddle of lamb, skirted with fat and nearly two inches tall, can wear whatever label it pleases, because it provides about as much pleasure as a carnivore could want."
                  I usually eat the regular for lunch and it leaves me quite full.The pub chop, the one time I had it, is much smaller. I was still hungry after eating the pub version. I have a large appetite though so a normal person might be ok with the pub version.

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                    whoa. thats a pound and half chunk of meat. i'm can eat a lot, but still - whoa

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                      There is a sizable bone, but there is a lot of meat on that bone.

            2. I love the cream of spinach. I would also reccomend the side of escorole, though I think it comes with the mutton chop, if you get that.