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Sep 12, 2008 08:10 AM

Eat the Weekend

Where are y'all going to eat this weekend?

I'm planning on swinging by Reggies tomorrow around lunch.After not seeing his truck in the alley I'll jog over to Galloways for a delicious soulfood lunch.

When my taco craving hits at some point I'm heading to Tacos El Rico in Montopolis for the best Mexican food in Austin.

I also need to address my fried fish craving that's been hitting hard the last couple days.Probably going to Lola's for this need[she's getting married!].

Asia Cafe on the weekend is also mandatory and serves as an excellent tandem with the Arbor Movie Theater.

Where are y'all eating this weekend?

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  1. We're going to go an an appetizer showdown.

    We were going to have Saba as our first course for the halloween walking feast, but someone I trust said the last time he went, he thought they'd gone downhill.

    So, we're going to have our first round of aps at Saba, then go to Malaga for the second and then off to 219 West. Whomever impresses us the most is where we'll pick for Halloween. I was also thinking of Ringside as a contender, but hubs wants all the courses to be local.

    1. Having smoked a brisket last weekend that turned out delicious, but not perfect, I am tempted to head down to Luling City Market or Smitty's because that is on the mind.

      My brisket was most, tender and tasty, but I didn't perfect the excellent smoke ring and I believe that I need to pray at the altar of smoked meats.

      I have heard too much about El Rico to nat have tried it yet. I may follow your lead scrumptious.

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      1. re: El General

        There's something about an open air drug and prostitution market that says "good eatin".

        I'm sure someone that's better at math can come up with an equation that draws parallels between working girls,slingers and johns and the proximity of good inexpensive food.

        These are my thoughts as I roll south down Poquito from MLK toward the 12th and Chicon zone.

        Five-Oh is heavily afoot.Not one not two but three squad cars are tucked up in the bushy alleys as I near my beloved Galloways[Gallows Pole according to NAB].Had they been in the mood to do some whoop whoop style police work they could've been good and busy as the hustlers are stepping and the ladies of the evening are making an early go of it on this windswept Saturday afternoon.

        Parking in the gravel parking lot just east of the restaurant I navigate my way inside and make my way to the steam line.It's a tribute to the Deep South on this day as a huge pan of ruddy red Fried Chicken is on display alongside an equally large tub of Smothered Steak.Further investigation finds third pans brimming with Greens richened with Ham Hocks,Mashed Potatoes,Corn on the Cob and Blackeyed Peas.

        I really want to orgy on the whole of it and get a platter with each offering but Galloway has his rules.This is meat and two country[we're a good 7 or 800 miles West of The South where Meat and Three is the staple]so I restrict myself to the Smothered Steak with Mashers,Blackeyes and a small cup of the Brown Gravy.

        I seat myself and the nice lady brings my food over in a couple moments.I give benediction and begin to chow.The Steak has been Fried Crisp then drenched in the brown gravy and braised til spoon tender.The Potatoes are good but have been so vigorously mashed that their starch is overly developed.A nice ladling of the brown gravy and that problem is neatly solved.The Blackeyes are creamy and good and have a distinct sweet note that calls out for Black Pepper.I answer the call and they are fine.

        I would love to find a tactful way to give Galloway my dad's cornbread recipe.It's the best I've ever had and doesn't suffer from the dryness factor that plagues this cooks version.Once more the Brown Gravy rides to the rescue and all is well.

        Ambience is spot on.It's cool inside on this warm day and the Stateless makes for a fine reading as I feed[one fellows' obit reads ".......kicked the bucket with his size 14 boots"].Nice to see a sense of humor on this normally dour page.

        Ladies from the neighborhood stream in for their to go platters[all wearing very nice hats and/or wig hats]a young granddad is tousling with his son's toddler and a couple young bucks are tucking in on the Fried Chicken platters.

        Everyone is happily feeding as a teevee talks up Austin's potential to be swept away by the flood waters of Ike[and we didn't get a drop].I love Galloways.This man is doing his part to keep his little corner of the world fed and he's doing a great job of it.It's location is going to keep it off the radar of all but the most burly of hounds and I'm ok with that.

        Where did you eat this weekend?

        1. re: scrumptiouschef

          Lunch on Sunday after biking walnut creek was Tacodeli. The hubby had the frontera fundido (grilled chx, poblano, onion) and I had the puerco borracho (braised pork, onion, sherry - not sure why it's called borracho - I thought that meant beans) and we each had an al pastor taco. The pastor was tasty - kinda on the spicy side which I liked. I told the hubby that I couldn't taste the pineapple in mine and he told me that was because there wasn't any. doh. I had them for the first time in Cozumel and they had pineapple there so I'd assumed that was standard. Anyway, if you don't specify you get flour tortillas - I requested corn and I thought they were pretty good. About $11 for the 4 tacos. We went early and it was already crowded. Kind of a cross between yuppie and grunge hipsters.

          Dinner on Sunday was Hula Hut, unfortunately. I like fish tacos so I'd been told I had to try theirs. They have fish tacos on the menu but they don't specify what kind of fish. I'm sure I could have asked but our poor waiter already seemed slammed so I just ordered the salmon tacos. They were dried out and served on flour (they may have had a corn option but I hadn't asked, so...). They came with a little bit of creamy sauce (mayo w/ japs?) and what looked like the HEB iceberg lettuce mix. The hubby had the "grilled chicken pipeline". This looked like a huge chicken enchilada with queso blanco and jack cheeses. It was quite good. All in all though - 30 minute wait on a Sunday, so-so food, very loud. We went for the atmosphere and I did enjoy sitting at the outside bar, over the lake watching the boats go by. Coffee at Mozart's afterwards was really good.

          1. re: mwreese

            Borracho is "drunk", basically, it probably refers to the sherry in the pork tacos.