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Sep 12, 2008 08:04 AM

Newport, RI, with a toddler

We're heading up to Newport next week with our 2-year-old for a week's vacation. Any recommendations on places to take the boy for lunch and/or early dinners? We're on a pretty tight budget, but we still like to eat well--and we especially like to sample regional specialties. Thanks.

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  1. I assume you will want a place where your 2 yr old will not be out of place and won't upset you or other guests.
    Red Parrot, Brick Alley Pub, Sardellas to name a few.
    There are the usual fast food places in Middletown (IHOP, Chilis, etc).
    In Newport, most places would be ok.
    Places I would NOT take a toddler to (just because I wouldn't enjoy it as much) are the high-end places like Castle Hill Inn, Chanler (Spiced Pear), and White Horse Tavern (non of these meet the "on a tight budget" need.
    One place that may fill the bill is Flo's Clam Shack on Easton's Beach. It is "down and dirty" so to speak (have to like fried seafood).

    1. Yesterdays is very toddler friendly ( my 2yr &5yr old love it) but they also cater to the grown ups with great menu choices excellent specials and a great wine and beer list...all very reasonable. Red Parrot and Sardellas are great choices too! If it is nice out O'briens on lower Thames is kid friendly outside and the food is decent. The Brick Alley is always super busy and the is usually always a long wait.

      1. I saw the Brick Alley Pub mentioned - we went there over Labor Day weekend, and it's very family-friendly - we went during an off-time, around 3:30 - 4:00 or so, and waited maybe 10 minutes...and we'll definately be going back!