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Sep 12, 2008 07:48 AM


Good Morning Chow People - I'm an aspiring home chef and in the market for some new knives - nothing too crazy (ie $300+). I was wondering if anyone had recommedations or a good website to browse?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I like Knife or

    I have to ask if you are planning on spending $300.00 on 1 knife, or is that your entire budget for a kitchen cutlery overhaul?

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    1. re: Kelli2006

      Oops sorry about that 300 for the whole lot. Not alot I know.

    2. If you get a chef's knife, a slicer, a utility knife and a bread knife, that's a lot. Check out Dexter-Russel and Forcshner If you have any restaurant supply places you can get to, check them out for decent prices on these knives. They're going to stock what their customers buy.

      Don't buy a block full of knives!!

      Oh, yeah, buy a "steel."

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      1. re: yayadave

        I second Dexter-Russell and Forschner. There restaurant dupply places on the Web, too. Just do a search on those brand names to find good buys. Rather than a steel, I use an inexpensive sharpener called AccuSharp, recommended by Cook's Illustrated. Works great.

        1. re: mpalmer6c

          Third Dexter-Russell. I bought a couple of paring knives for $3 each at a restaurant supply store and they are sharp and have a good feel, although light.

          1. re: coney with everything

            Strangely enough, my Globals get slippery and hard to grip at times, but not my V-Lo Dexter-Russel with that rubber handle. Very comfortable. It's an offset sandwich knife which I got at a restaurant supply house for seventeen bucks.

            I think you might have to go through a lot of knives to find out what works for you. I saw a Japanese vegetable knife on for about $55. That could be a major go-to knife for a lot of people.

        2. re: yayadave

          Listen to what this guy has to say, The Forschners rock Easy to keep sharp
          if you have a steel. Sharpen once every six months with a diamond stone, steel
          every time you use it.
          Cheap, I paid 25 bucks for a 10 inch chefs knife albeit several years ago.


          If you are going to spend some cash on a knife it's hard to beat a Japanese knife. You don't need too many knives really. Don't waste the money on a set. You can get a decent Japanese gyuto=general purpose chef, for around $60 from Korin in the Tojiro or the Tagiharu brands.

            1. re: csweeny

              Indeed, csweeny, but I think he said that $300 for a set would be too much... I doubt that could really be done at the EE.

              I would second the Dexter-Russell comments -- if you're looking for cheap, durable startup knives. Go for those.

              1. re: mateo21

                you're right of course, i misread the post. i thought the op was looking for A knife in the $300.00 range...

            2. Here is a direct order link for an excellent book to help buyers and users,
              You can stay within your budget with the Japanese sites on scubadoo's post.