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Sep 12, 2008 07:47 AM

Harrisburg - Ethnic Food

I realize this is extremely short notice, but I'm heading to Harrisburg, PA tonight and would love some recommendations on good ethnic food - especially anything Indian, Middle Eastern, etc.


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    1. re: fsck100

      Passage to India and Rose's (both from above) are both pretty good. Do note that Rose's closes pretty early; I think 8:30 p.m.

      I would say that Aangan ( is slightly better Indian than Passage.

      La Kasbah on second is pretty good. The guy is Moroccan. It is primarily kabobs and tangines. I beleive that the the ownership has switched from one brother to another. I have not been there since but I doubt it is a huge change.

      Still the best restaurant overall, in my opinon, would be Suba. It is a tapas restaurant (so Spanish influenced but probably not ethnic in the manner you mean). that is actually for a sister restaurant but Suba's menu can be accessed from there as well.

      1. re: HooverPKP

        Thanks so much for the recommendation, HooverPKP! We ended up going to Suba and had a great meal.