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Sep 12, 2008 07:46 AM

Whole Wheat flour go bad?

I planned on making some whole wheat blueberry muffins this morning, but my flour 'sell by date' says 7-2008.

I've had this flour for a long time, stored in my pantry, does this stuff ever go bad?


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  1. Not a worry about the date.Other problem indicators would be ?smell,aroma,flour should smell like flour,not musty or mouldy.Critters?weevils and grain moths (millers) are a natural OK problem in storage.If they are in there it will be obvious.If it's a small population,I just sift and freeze,then use.The only way to remove the eggs is to STERILIZE the grain.After that why buy it?An future worries can be solved with freezer

    1. Since whole wheat has some germ oil in it, it will go rancid after a time. You can usually smell rancid flour.

      1. Concurr. And whether it goes rancid depends on how hot your kitchen is or where you store it. You should be able to tell by smelling or tasting a bit of the raw flour.

        Grain Moths!!!! don't get me started.....they may not eat much but they can be really annoying. While you can sift them out of the flour once they have hatched, the eggs themselves are too small to see. And they are in all grain products including manufactured stuff like pasta. We had an infestation in our last home--the weather got really hot--- and it was AWFUL. I'm not sure we ever really got rid of them.

        1. <does this stuff ever go bad?>

          Yes, and you will know by the sour odor when you open the bag. However, if you have not had that sack of flour stored inside a tin, you probably need to check for weevils, too. They are much easier to spot in ww flour, because they are lighter in color.

          As others have said you CAN sift them out, but they really gross me out, so I usually toss anything that has the little offenders inside.

          1. Freeze it. When I get the bag home, I put the flour into quart jars, one of which goes in the fridge, and the others in the freezer. Makes a big difference, especially if it's stoneground.