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Vail/Avon/Edwards Etc. Area Off-Season Price Fix Options

Does anyone have a list of Vail area price fix options during the off-season. For example, I have read that Dish offers a $25 off-season 6 course option. We are traveling to Vail area in early November which I think is considered off-season. What other good deals (for Vail area) are out there this time of year?

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  1. Every place that is open will most likely have a "deal". The first 3 weeks in November is the slowest time of the year, so many restaurants close during that time. No need to worry about reservation, just check the Vail Daily when you get here. And if Dish is open, they will most likely have the $25, 6 plate deal.

    I haven't seen a deal from Spago since they opened, so I'm not sure what they will do. If they have an incredible deal, I'll try it, just so I can "dis" them first hand :>)

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      I concur. Although, I don't think Dish has ever closed for the off-season. I believe that Larkspur, Sweet Basil and others all do some sort of deal. Enjoy your time in the Valley!

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        Thanks for the info. I have used the info that both of you have posted in previous posts to come up with ideas and here is some of what I am thinking. A lot depends on the weather and how much we will be able to drive around, for example we would like to drive to Aspen one day and then cross Independence Pass but others have told me that the pass will more likely be closed in Nov. But anyway here are some retaurant ideas that I have come up with. On way from Denver we are going to stop and check out Idaho Springs and I thought we would eat lunch at a brewery called Tommyknockers. The rest of the places are in the Vail area including: Mango's, Minturn Saloon (Blue Ox, I read that you did not like this place last time you went, overpriced?), Minturn Country Club (idea sounds cool but I'm getting the impression that steaks are not the best in quality), Larkburger and Sweet Basil for lunch, Chef's Corner and Rt 6 Cafe for breakfast, other places that jumped out at me include Red Lion, Grouse on the Green, Golden Eagle Inn (love wild game dishes). What is your general opinion of these places, Gore Creek Brewery, Ti Amo, Campo Di Fiori, Russell's. Also, for pizza fix would you recommend Pazzo's, Blue Moose Pizza, or is there somewhere else better. Finally, for cooking in where can I get good cuts of meat (beef or duck, or wild game) I thought about Chef's Corner and City Market. I also read that Costco has good selection. Thanks for helping me plan a great culinary trip!

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          We visited last September. We ate at Dish twice - loved, loved, loved it. And we also enjoyed Juniper and Sweet Basil. We had dinner our first night at Gore Creek Brewery and, while the beer was fine, the food was uninspired. Skip it. Highly recommend Route 6 Cafe for breakfast/lunch. Although we were in a timeshare condo in Avon, we didn't cook, but we did pick up coffee as well as yogurts and stuff for breakfast, as well as some fruit from the Vail farmers market (which wouldn't be open in November). Here's a link to my report from last year:


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            DF, Independence Pass may still be open when you are here, just depends on the first big snow (it snowed about 4" this week). You can get to Aspen in a little less than 2 hours through Glenwood Springs and the Roaring Fork Valley (check recent posting for places in Carbondale, Basalt and Woody Creek).

            Chef's Corner is no longer being run by Rick Kangas, he is doing the food for Senior Center in Minturn. And the best way to experience the Saloon is to sit at the bar. Its kind of an interesting time in the Valley, all the new folks and the returners are getting set for the season. One of the fun things they do is hit the Minturn Country Club for specials and a chance to reconnect. The meat is commercial grade, but the scene is really fun.

            Debbie W. is right about Gore Range Brewery, nothing special. Pazzo's is sort of greasy, Blue Moose is a lot better. However, pizza up here is not close to what you find in most larger cities.

            Cut and Costco are the best places for meat, but Costco is 30 miles down Valley from Vail. By November, Avondale (Larkspur sibling in the new Westin in Avon) should be hitting full stride. Stay tuned for a report during October.

      2. Both Juniper in Edwards and Mirabelle at the entrance to Beaver Creek had 3 course fixed price options going last week.

        1. dfishhead - I think what you heard about Dish/$25 is overly optimistic. Dish is currently promoting Fall Season Specials: 3 courses for $39, 50% off all bottles of wine. Call 970-754-8050 to comfirm.

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            Um, not sure where you're getting that? Their menu for this week specifically states $25 for a 6 course tasting menu/$25 bottle of wine/$25 pitcher of cocktails. www.eatdrinkdish.com The phone number you're listing is for Larkspur so maybe that's the deal you looked at?

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              RobynS - You're right. I receivedt a press release promoting the Share Our Strength aniti-hunger fundraiser + other news and info, and in my haste, combined the two. Mea culpa.

              Larkspur's off-season offer sounds good, but Dish's sounds even better.

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                No worries, just wanted to make sure we didn't cause confusion.

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                  RobynS - "We" didn't cause confusion. I did! And I'm glad you unconfused me and the other Hounds.

          2. Well, not Price Fix but I enjoyed dinner last night at Vin 48 for the first time. They are having 48% off certain bottles of wine and large plates. Mom and I were both contemplating the same 2 dishes so we each ordered one then traded halfway through. So we enjoyed a dish of Wild Boar with Orechette, Butternut Squash and English Peas and Shrimp Risotto with Colorado Corn and Fried Leeks. Both were quite enjoyable.

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              Sounds good, where is it located?

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                VIN48 is in the "boat" building next to the main round about in Avon. The service is also very good both in the dining rooms and the bar area.

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                  Well, I guess I found the service, okay to good but not very good although certainly not bad.

            2. We leave tomorrow for Vail/Avon. Here is my tentative eating plans. See what anyone thinks. We were trying to hit some of the very nice restaurants that are offering outstanding specials during this week.

              Saturday, Dinner at Mirador

              Sunday, Breakfast at Rt. 6 Cafe on way to Glenwood Springs to hot springs, then dinner at Kelly Liken

              Monday, Lunch at Larkburger and Dinner at Dish

              Tuesday at Sweet Basil, leaving Dinner open, we are interested in the Bridge Street Pub Crawl that takes place that night

              Wednesday Return to Denver

              Some restaurants that I also really thought looked good were Vin 48, Fiestas, and Minturn Saloon. Should I substitute any of these for those listed above, or does my list look good as is? Thanks to everyone for all the good advice. I have never been to Colorado and without Chowhounders I would probably be eating at the wrong places.

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                I can't remember which day they are closed right now but Dish is closed either Sunday or Monday during off season so I'd check that out and maybe switch your Kelly Liken/Dish nights if need be but otherwise it looks good.

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                  Thanks, already had checked on that and Dish is closed on Sundays. Got a reservation at the Kitchen Bar based on your recommendation and also Debbie who had posted earlier. Really excited about the trip. I also saw something about Dish having cooking classes and I was wondering if you knew anything about that?

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                    On occasion Dish does have cooking classes but I haven't seen anything in awhile. It's more of a demo type class rather than hands on (you'll see their kitchen and why they can't do a hands on.) You might email them to see if they're doing anything soon. Tell the kitchen I say hi when you're there!

              2. Thanks everyone for all the recommendations. We had a great time in the Vail Valley. Dining choices were amazing. Here is a rundown of where we dined.

                Saturday on drive to Vail we had lunch at Tommy Knockers in Idaho Springs. Excellent: I had two seasonal beers both very good and I had the Buffalo Bacon Burger with a side of Green Chille soup. My wife had the Artichoke soup and the Buffalo Burger. For dinner we ate a Kelly Liken. When we made the reservation we were asked if it was a special occassion and we since it was our 25th anniversary we were given special treatment. For openers they printed a special menu congratulating us at the top and when we sat down we were immediately given complimentary glasses of champagne by our wonderful server, Lucky. this was just the beginning of a remarkable dining experience. Our dinners were just fantastic and they included the following: Winter Green Salad baby bibb lettuce, radicchio, toasted pecans, local pears, gorgonzola cheese, cider vinaigrette; an amazing duck salad; a lemon shot with a puree of salad; main courses included Kelly's Potato Crusted Trout Filets caramelized brussels sprout leaves, toasted pecans, plump
                golden raisins; and the lamb osso bucco with potatoes and veggies and a side of the brussel sprout leaves. I can't tell you how delicious those main courses were. Then to top it off we were treated to free dessert which my wife passed on but I had the wonderful bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream. This was one of the best meals we have eaten in quite some time. The service was impeccable. It was a truly memorable night thanks to Kelly Liken and the staff, especially Lucky.
                To be continued!