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Sep 12, 2008 05:35 AM

Drinking vanilla extract for the alcohol

On Cape Cod, no less, and only in one supermarket.

Kids? As much as I love vanilla, I cannot even imagine drinking a whole bottle of it!

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  1. I saw a guy on the bus the other day (here in Chicago) drinking mouthwash. So sad :(

    1. I remember, in the 70's, there was a home for troubled adolescents here. I was supposed to help the part of their program that was to cook the meals. They did not allow vanilla in the pantry for just that reason and no one had heard of powdered vanilla at that time.
      Whether they did that because somewhere it had been a problem or whether it was a knee jerk reaction, I have no idea. But I did think that almost every kid, somewhere between 7 and ten, had tried Mom's vanilla because it smelled so good. Tried it once, only!!!

      1. I remember trying vanilla solo at about age 7. Just once! It was nasty. Anyone who would drink THAT must be an alcoholic with no access to anything better.

        1. This is old wisom for soup kitchens and homeless shelters...however, I found the most shocking thing in the article the reference to 'inexpensive' bottles. I am really surprised that there is a problem with the genuine vanilla extract, it is usually WAY too expensive for these poor folks.

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            Ummm...I don't think they actually pay for it.

            1. re: janniecooks

              Correct, the local news story said that kids are shoplifting the extract from the supermarket, chugging it, and littering the empty bottles.

              The grocers are relegated to hiding the vanilla extract almost the same way pharmacies hide oxycontin.

          2. Oh my goodnesss....I'm in shock to read this. That sounds gross and pathetic!