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Sep 12, 2008 04:55 AM

going to see bobby flay? is he cooking?

when i found out bobby flay was going to be here in d.c. in november for an appearance/demo/whatever at the metropolitan cooking and entertaining show, i thought, "hey, let's go."

then......i looked up ticket prices (yes, tickets....this ain't yo' momma's book signing at borders). they are around $ 200-220 each.
these are at the convention center.

this has an expensive event with him on the same dates at the washington renaissance hotel (!?!):
i'm surprised these sites are so expensive without any information -- or incorrect info.

edit: was finally able to get through to the metrocooking (official) website.
the flay tickets are $50-$75 for an appearance at the celebrity theatre (and includes general admission).

the variance in the price is quite shocking ($50 official vs. $200 "other ticket sites").

now that i've confused you (ride along with me!), i think the bottom line is: flay is appearing at the convention center -- not cooking, official tickets are available (as i'm typing). from metrocooking for $50-$75.

i'm debating whether the overall event is worth it (and whether i want to pay extra to see a celeb that i see a lot on tv). have you been in the past? will you go again?

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  1. Is it worth it, probably not. The high ticket price is to cover the money they pay Bobby, which is most likely in excess of $100K.

    1. We've gone to the Cooking Expo every year since they started having it. This will be the 3rd year they're having it and the 3rd year we'll be in attendance. The first year we saw the Deen boys (the sons of Paula Deen), then last year Paula, herself, was there and she did a cooking demo and a book signing. The cooking demo was really more of her telling stories of how she got started and answering questions from the audience. This year we're attending both days to see Bobby Flay as you mentioned and also Giada DeLaurentiis.

      I didn't pay anywhere near $200/ticket to attend this year. I bought the tickets directly from the Metro Cooking Expo web site in advance of them going on sale to the public and they were $50 - $75 each as you said depending on the seat that you got.

      You ask if it's worth it. I think even if they didn't have any celebrity chefs there it would still be worth the cost of the ticket especially if you're a foodie as most of us here are. They have vendors from restaurants and companies around the area who set out samples to advertise themselves and also offer products for sale from their companies. The one vendor that we like the most is D'Marie. The gift bag that they sell for $20 contains a wine slushy mix which you can use in your favorite wine, a dip mix - which they have about 5 flavors of in sweet or savory and the sweet or savory pita chips to go with the dips. We've given these gift bags as Christmas presents each year we've been and people rave over them! Last year they had a lady selling sushi kits doing a demo. Her sushi kits were $14 each so we bought one and we've had numerous sushi making parties with friends.

      You should definitely go!