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Sep 11, 2008 09:53 PM

Solo in portland

Looking to find a good place for a solo diner. I have been working in portland for the last couple weeks but due to the long hours I have been working, I have not been able to get to as many of the places I have wanted to go to. I have been to pok pok and Kenny and zukes multiple times so leave those out of your suggestions. I am willing to spend around 45 dollars not including drink. Here are some of the places i have been thinking about.

Clyde common
Toro Bravo
Lovely Hula Hands
Country cat
Would it be weird to go to Apizza Scholls alone?

If you could comment on the soloability (its a word) of each restaurant and if you have other suggestions I am wide open.

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  1. Clyde Common, Biwa, Andina are all 10's on a 1-10 for soloability

    Apizza is a 9, just sit at the bar, I have done it multiple times. usually less wait too.....

    Toro Bravo i would call an 8. just because i for whatever reason dont get that vibe from the place. they do have a bar and seats along a "bar" in front of the open kitchen which is highly entertaining,

    LHH and Castagna I would say are 4's. definately more romantic places that a solo diner might feel like a bit if a tool at.

    Country Cat i dont think is worth your time, its really slipped lately and there are such better places right know.

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      Thanks for the helpful feedback. I shall report back.

    2. Ten-01 just blocks away from K&Z has a great bar to sit at.

      Carlyle also has a welcoming bar, but it is a little further away from the city center. It is one of my favorite places because the food is so tasty and the staff is exceptional, not to mention the space is attractive and pleasant.

      1. I second all the sentiments already stated. In fact, I'm almost always a solo diner. Another place you might like is Pok Pok, which features a full bar in addition to some of the most interesting Thai food around (Chiang Mai style with a splash of Isaan).

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          actually one of the reasons I started this thread is because I always end up at pok pok because it is so great. I have been working my way through the menu but I cant get myself to order any other drinks besides their tamarind whiskey sour.

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            dagrassroots, if you want to get to more places while you're here, contact me through or I'm often dining solo as well.

            1. re: extramsg

              There's good information to be had there, Just be aware that extramsg has a "significant financial interest" in at least one of the restaurants mentioned here, and mentioned frequently and prominently on those websites.

        2. I agree with all sentiments too. Also Nostrana has a nice open kitchen counter which would be fun for a solo diner.