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Sep 11, 2008 09:19 PM

Mail Order Meat Companies [Moved from Home Cooking Board]

I'm looking to find a company where I can order meat products (restaurant quality) and have the items delivered to my house. I've heard of Omaha, but have heard mixed reviews. Has anyone had any luck ordering online? What company do you find to be the best and the most consistent?

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  1. You heard right about Omaha, whose stuff is no better than at your local market.

    Allen Brothers has very good meats. Also very expensive.

    The tastiest steaks I've had in my life are from Alderspring Ranch. But word has gotten around the country, and they're hard to get (look it up on the Internet). For a country ham, I'd suggest Clifty Farms (I'm sure you know the directions about pre-cooking treatment), and for city ham, Niman Ranch is excellent. For lamb, I haven't found a reliable course. If you find one, please postt. Some lamb tastes like lamb, other lamb tastes like beef.

    1. We ordered from Omaha and were very, very disapointed. Steak was not wonderful--didn't have a lot of flavor and was a bit dry. Considering the price (about 4 or 5 times grocery price) I would not order again.

      Find a good grocery (or butcher) and buy locally. We buy NY strips from local grocery when they have them on sale for $4.89 per lb. for whole NY strips. We get about 20 steaks from a whole NY strip and have them cut in about 8 oz. steaks. Meat is better than Omaha and way, way, cheaper.

      1. Look for local cattle farms -- the meat equivalent of CSFs.

        I would do a Google search for such farms in your area.

        Here's a link to get you started.

        1. It depends on which restaurant you gauge your quality on. If you want to go high end and do not mind paying for it, try Lobels. Upper east side of Manhattan quality and prices.

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            A friend of mine just recommended Palm Beach Prime. ( Has anyone ever heard of them?

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