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Sep 11, 2008 09:16 PM

New in Sunnyside, what are my choices for delivery?

I'm new in the Sunnyside area of Queens, I'm still unpacking my stuff, and I cannot use my kitchen for at least 4 days. I'm looking for any suggestion for delivery, later on I can start my search for dine in in the area. I open to any kind of kitchen, but my favorite is Italian food, ( I really need my daily dose of carbs).

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  1. No good Italian, unfortunately. The best is probably Donato's, but that ain't saying much. Stick to the Asian stuff (Ten Full for Chinese, any of the Japanese/Thai places are fine) and the diners. Not sure if they deliver, but Pio Pio on Greenpoint does great rotisserie chicken and other goodies for not a lot of money.

    1. Mengal delivers turkish grilled meat, gyro etc

      1. De Mole, De Mole and again, De Mole

        Pio Pio Riko does deliver, Pio Pio is in Jackson Heights and doesn't.

        Mangal for gyros, lentil soup, hummus, eggplant salad, etc

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          Yep, I meant Pio Pio Riko. My apologies to the JH loyalists. :)

          You might want to check out the Butcher Block steam table, too. They deliver, but you'll want to go the first time to see what they have. $8 for enough meat and potatoes for two.

          1. re: pothead

            Pio Pio Riko is slop, unless you're stoned. I ate the very worst tamal of my life there 2 nights ago...dry, crumbly, burnt on the edges, nasty!

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            All I do on this board is plug mangal and De Mole. I gotta get a new act. Both great places, Mangal is thoroughly incredimazing.

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              Anyone tried the new Mangal restaurant storefront next door? We have not made it over there yet but it looks like there are a few additional dishes.

              1. re: Up With Olives

                Just ate there, like I said I go at least twice weekly. As far as I know it's the same menu. Just sit down with service. Lamujan (sp?) is my favorite thing now.

          3. East 21 Japanese deliver by motor scooter to Sunnyside. Pick up a menu at 71-26 Roosevelt. This place is strictly take out & deliver. Fast delivery and reasonable prices (no sales tax). Telephone is 718 639 3535.

            1. In addition to Pio Pio, you should try NY Style Eats. They offer diner food basically, the burgers are great and they make the best greek salad - you can also place your order online! I would also check out the relatively new thai resturant, Dee (as in deelicious maybe? lol). Good luck and welcome!

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                I can co-sign NY Style eats as far as your standard diner fare goes. The breakfast is fast and what anyone has come to expect from NY diners. The burgers are good too. They also take online orders as well.

                De Mole is definitely good, but i don't know about you, good authentic mexican food works just fine... There is this place called Frontera on roosevelt on the other side of Sr Pra Phai -- it's good, delivery is fast too -- brush up on your Spanish, if you have to.