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Sep 11, 2008 08:21 PM

Ulferts Center Dining Promotion - Dublin

For those of you who frequent Ulferts Center in Dublin, you might want to check out this dining promotion that runs to 12/1/08.

Link where you'll find menus to many of their restaurants:

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  1. There are 14 food related places. Not all are full service restaurants.

    The link says:
    1. Spend $25.
    No problem, we'd spend at least that much.
    2. Monday-Friday.
    That's a potential problem, as it eliminates Saturday night for those of us who are busy/running all during the week.
    3. It says: "Each stamp must be collected from 8 different restaurants."
    That's a problem.
    4. Then you get a $25 certificate.

    In order of our preference:
    Excellent: Singapore Old Town Cafe (1)
    Good: Koi Palace (1)
    Decent: Koi Garden, Thai Basil Express, Osaka Ramen (3)

    I'm three short.

    Hard to spend $25: Kee Wah Bakery, Quickly, Zoie Cafe
    Not great, not bad, just not special: AA Tofu House, Abba Cal-Ital, Halu Shabu Shabu, Macau Bistro, Vin Pearl
    Awful: House of Sake

    "From 8 different restaurants" is the sticking point. I understand what they're doing - drumming up business for the not so successful places. But it's not a good deal if you have to spend $25 at three places that you'd rather not go to -- just to earn $25.

    Now, if you could get 8 stamps from just the restaurants of your choice, that would be a great promotion. I could eat roti and curry sauce (SOTC) and dim sum (Koi Palace) often.