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Sep 11, 2008 07:42 PM

Any reports on Stone Hearth Pizza, Cambridge?

Walked by tonight and noticed they were open, so I peered in. I have to say, the pizza looked pretty bad. I would LOVE to be wrong, so please tell me how great it is.

Also, the oven definitely does not seem to be anything like a stone or brick oven... just a normal (gas?) pizza oven. Guess it's just a catchy name?

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  1. I stopped in today and snagged a menu- looks alright, but no delivery? Yikes!

    1. And.... does their pizza survive takeout?

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        I actually like their cheese pizza and the sausage and banana pepper combo as well, although the pizzas are quite overpriced. I've only been to the Belmont location. The crust tends to get soggy while sitting on the table at the restaurant, so I don't think it would survive take-out that well. If you do get it, I would ask for it well-done, or heat it up in a really hot oven to crisp it up.

      2. This is an expanding local chain, dedicated to local ingredients. Haven't been to the cambridge location, but can comment on Belmont location. Pizza is very thin crust, with quality toppings. Because of lack of bulk, always seems overpriced for "fillingness" of food, but flavor is very good. My favorite is the Farm Fresh: olives, potatos, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, etc. with an arugula/balsamic salad and prosciutto on top. Interesting, tasty and unique. They also have great salads. Recent excursions into pasta, other entrees seem less successful.

        1. We used to go to the Sudbury one before it closed. I thought it was decent, but if I were in Cambridge I'd go to Emma's. Similar "type" of pizza, but Emma's is *much* better.

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            Sudbury Stone Hearth had a decent pie, but it didn't travel very well. IMO, they closed because of a lack of repeat customers. Even though they had a good product, it was expensive for what you paid. I remember it being ~$13 for a personal size pie.

          2. I went once to the Stone Hearth in Needham and was underwhelmed; I definitely agree with the Emma's rec, but if you want something that's good closer to the Cambridge Stone Hearth, try Cambridge One, which has good thin crust pizza.