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Any reports on Stone Hearth Pizza, Cambridge?

Walked by tonight and noticed they were open, so I peered in. I have to say, the pizza looked pretty bad. I would LOVE to be wrong, so please tell me how great it is.

Also, the oven definitely does not seem to be anything like a stone or brick oven... just a normal (gas?) pizza oven. Guess it's just a catchy name?

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  1. I stopped in today and snagged a menu- looks alright, but no delivery? Yikes!

    1. And.... does their pizza survive takeout?

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        I actually like their cheese pizza and the sausage and banana pepper combo as well, although the pizzas are quite overpriced. I've only been to the Belmont location. The crust tends to get soggy while sitting on the table at the restaurant, so I don't think it would survive take-out that well. If you do get it, I would ask for it well-done, or heat it up in a really hot oven to crisp it up.

      2. This is an expanding local chain, dedicated to local ingredients. Haven't been to the cambridge location, but can comment on Belmont location. Pizza is very thin crust, with quality toppings. Because of lack of bulk, always seems overpriced for "fillingness" of food, but flavor is very good. My favorite is the Farm Fresh: olives, potatos, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, etc. with an arugula/balsamic salad and prosciutto on top. Interesting, tasty and unique. They also have great salads. Recent excursions into pasta, other entrees seem less successful.

        1. We used to go to the Sudbury one before it closed. I thought it was decent, but if I were in Cambridge I'd go to Emma's. Similar "type" of pizza, but Emma's is *much* better.

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            Sudbury Stone Hearth had a decent pie, but it didn't travel very well. IMO, they closed because of a lack of repeat customers. Even though they had a good product, it was expensive for what you paid. I remember it being ~$13 for a personal size pie.

          2. I went once to the Stone Hearth in Needham and was underwhelmed; I definitely agree with the Emma's rec, but if you want something that's good closer to the Cambridge Stone Hearth, try Cambridge One, which has good thin crust pizza.

            1. I've only been to the Belmont location, but piping hot right out of the oven it's quite tasty. Not a value, as the pizza has thin thin crust, and isn't as filling, but that leaves room for TCBY which is just next door. :)

              1. OK, well I finally tried the Cambridge location. Not stellar, but definitely a serviceable thin-crust pie, more in the traditional of schmancy American "thin crust" than real Neapolitan.

                The first gold star came in the ordering process, when they took the time to accurately answer my question as to which toppings were currently local--nice to know they take it seriously enough to give a real answer. Sadly, the crust is the weakest link. Not awful by any means as it was decently pliable and slightly charred on the bottom, but it lacked flavor (needs salt!) and the edge was way too crunchy and dried out. Seems likely that the oven isn't getting hot enough.

                The sauce, cheese and toppings were all pretty strong. Sauce was tangy and flavorful, the fresh mozzarella very clean tasting. I got sausage, which was flavorful but a bit dry, and arugula, which was good. It was tossed on fresh at the end, rather than baked. I've seen this before, and it's not really my thing, but it was fine.

                All in all, perfectly serviceable, but a bit pricey and they need to crank that oven.

                1. My wife and I were walking by this place and decided to try it out. We had the sausage and banana pepper pizza. The crust is extremely thin and doesn't travel all that well. It cools quickly and becomes soggy. The toppings, on the other hand, were very good. Prices seem reasonable at first, but because the pizza is so thin, it's not that filling. The two of us ordered a 12", and it was not enough. We should have ordered the 16-incher.

                  Service was excellent. The people working there were really nice and spent a lot of time answering our questions. We also liked their emphasis on local ingredients. The people working there said they will eventually have wine and beer at this location.

                  Overall, I'd say that Emma's does the same type of pizza much better, but if you don't want to travel that far, Stone Hearth is a reasonable substitute.

                  1. As a native New Yorker, I was a huge fan of DiMio's and was very sad when I learned that they had closed. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how good Stone Hearth Pizza was when they replaced DiMio. What they have/had in common: Very thin crust (although DiMio's was crustier), quality toppings (most of Stone Hearth's are all organic and from local suppliers), both are pricey BUT most importantly, both are very tasty. I agree with some other reviewers that Stone Hearth does get soggy after a while due to thinness of the crust BUT as someone who doesn't eat a lot of pizza at one time and who repeatedly brings home leftovers, it reheats wonderfully! I also love thin crust because it is low carb and I'd rather consume my calories on cheese, sauce, etc. Worthy of note is that Stone Heart's whole wheat crust is far tastier than any I have had previously due to it being thin crust. It is also more filling. I always gave DiMio's an A+. I give Stone Hearth a solid A. I would give Emmas an A- as I don't personally find their crust and sauce as flavorful. If you don't mind paying higher prices for quality ingredients and you have an appreciation for think crust pizza, definitely give Stone Hearth a try!

                    1. Its just barely Ok in my book. I honestly think it wont be there longer that a year or two. ( I should't say that because camb. 1 is one of THE WORST pizza I ever ate and look a that place ) .Maybe thats why they are coming to anything goes cambridge. They should have gone to the square.

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                        I'm not a huge fan of either Stone Hearth (have only been to the original Belmont location) or Cambridge 1, but I actually think they both have their merits. That said, with the phenomenal Gran Gusto a mile or so from either, I just don't see much point of going.

                        F.F.C., just as a point of comparison, is there any pizza around town you particularly do like?

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                          close by, pinocchio tomato basil is good. I don't love their regular because they put garlic in the cheese pizza. Regina in town , but 1 of 4 times its off. 20 years ago santarpios, not today. sally's cheese , white clam from pepes ( crust isnt awesome though), luzzos and U.P.N. in the village.
                          Camb 1 is one of the worst, and iv'e given it 3 tries. it is like pita warmed with cooked ingredients thrown on, cheese doesnt even melt, sauce is pre cooked and slapped on. Like a dorm room creation.

                      2. I have been several times to the one in Needham and I find their toppings and tomato sauce to be excellent but as others have stated, the crust is so thin it tends to get soggy and cannot hold up the toppings.

                        1. We had SHP last night from the Belmont loc. Pizza was ok, we did a create your own for take out. I noticed when I picked up the pizza that they sit it on an open-air rack if you're not there as soon as it's ready. Then they put it back in the oven while they ring you up and get the box prepared. IMHO this makes the crust much soggier (esp. in the middle) plus, since it sat out of the oven (or a heater) it was cold by the time I got it home (5 min car ride).
                          I'd try it again, maybe if we eat there, or if I get there before it's ready so it has no time to sit on the rack.

                          1. here's my very positive take on the belmont location:


                            i will add that it is inconsistent in my experience. sometimes I have to return it and ask for 'more well-done' or 'more tomato sauce'. But now when I go there, I know that .Btw, It reheats well for us.