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Sep 11, 2008 07:12 PM

Korean Grocery Store

I watched a program called Street Eats on Sun TV and they featured a Korean Grocery store in North TO that had a rice cake machine that puffed up the rice cakes and shot them out like a cannon. Does anyone know where this store is located?

Thinking about visiting this weekend. Thanks

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  1. That'd be Galleria at Yonge and Steeles.

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    1. re: lilith

      Yup... it's at Galleria, the website is down right now:

      But it's located here:
      7161 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON

    2. I love these things. I've seen them and the machine at the T&T in Mississauga, also at the PAT in Mississauga, though it's not often that I see them being made on the spot. Maybe the T&Ts up north have them too?

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      1. re: mogo

        Nope, I haven't seen them at any TnT's up here (Warden & Steeles and Bathurst & John) .... i've only seen it being made at Galleria. And just to expand on lilith's directions, it's on Yonge, one light north of Steeles on the east side.

      2. The T&T stores have the cakes but not all of them have the machine. The H mart on Yonge south of Major Mac has the machine and the cakes. There are many varieties, I like the mini ones. The machine at Galleria is running most of the time when I go.

        1. I saw that machine at Sam's club for a limited time, it was SO COOL!!! (not for sale, but a demo and the cakes were being sold) Just amazing how a thin layer of rice can be popped like that, tasted really nice too.

          1. Yeah, it's ALWAYS running at Galleria! Quite funny actually. We've tried the rice cakes and although I know they are supposed to be bland, whoa were they bland.