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Sep 11, 2008 06:21 PM

Eating on Whidbey Island

We're going to Whidbey for a long weekend and are looking for three things:
1. A great (or good) restaurant for dinner. Atmosphere is ++
2. Breakfast place w/ great coffee
3. Market or seafood market to buy food for cooking. Local and/or organic ++
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Whidbey Island is the longest island in the US so, if you are vacationing in Langley (south Whidbey), you won't be interested in Oak Harbor restaurants (north). Let us know where you will be and we will offer appropriate suggestions.

    Warning - you will need to tone down your expectations. Whidbey is a laid-back place, which is probably why you are vacationing here. Do not expect cutting edge cuisine. Look instead for comfort food and friendly, if not exactly efficient, servers.

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      Try the Inn at Langley for a fine dining experience. In Oak Harbor try Frasers: My mom lives in Langley and told me that the dining experience at Frasers made the trip north worthwhile.

    2. My friends LOVE Prima Bistro in Langley.

      1. The Inn at Langley has a top-notch dinner. There's only one seating (and I think it's only Thursdays through Sundays). He uses ingredients sourced from island purveyors and starts the dinner by walking everyone through the whole menu and talking about the different places he gets things. He's an award-winning chef, too.

        1. Thanks for the great suggestions. We'll be on the south end of the island. Any good markets or should we haul food?

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            Lots of good food in Langley, suchas Primo Bistro. THe Inn at Langley is very expensive for Whidbey and there are two schools of thought - one pro and the other con. There is a very nice farmer's market in Bayview on Saturday. While at Bayview Corners you could stop in at the FIshmonger for top quality fish and shelllfish. Also at Bayview Corners, dine at The Sweet Basil Cafe for good Thai food. The Star Stores in Langley and Bayview offer top notch provisions if you want to do your own cooking.

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              thanks! just what i was looking for.

          2. I just moved up to Bellingham from Monterey, California. I went to Toby's Tavern, in Coupeville on Whidbey Island. They serve Penn Cove Mussels. These are the best mussels I've ever had. Before trying them I didn't think I liked mussles. I can not recommend these mussels enough. PENN COVE MUSSELS! They are sold as far south as Seattle, and up into Bellingham at least. But they are freshest right in Coupeville, sitting at a window front booth is a really casual tavern. Toby's makes their own brew too. They are right ont he water, with great views, really reasonably priced. Their mussels are amazing but they aren't a fancy place. They're more a good place to stop for lunch. Across the street there's a great ice creme store. Lots of great flavors, like summer blackberry on the day I went there.
            No matter where you eat make sure you get some Penn Cove mussels, they are like a revelation on how good mussels can be. I highly recommend them!