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Sep 11, 2008 05:48 PM


Has anyone seen anyone turning a huge flaming barrel of chiles around town?? Where can I find bags of freshly roasted chilies? Extra points for anyone that knows where to get roasted Hatch chiles.

Much love for your help.


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  1. Too bad you weren't in my back yard about two hours ago. I have a pot of green chile simmering away with pork chunks on the stove right now. These weren't hatches, but Wisconsin grown anaheims and big jims. I've never seen hatches locally, BUT, if you sniff around the web, you can order them on-line.

    Man, I miss NM! :-(

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    1. re: gordeaux

      Gordeax, the more you post, the more I respect you...

      Like you, I have never seen Hatch or Pueblo green chiles in Chicagoland, just the milder Anaheim's.

      This weekend, I roasted two bags worth of Anaheim' chiles over mesquite wood, they of course are the much milder substitutes for the real thing, but they had a good flavor from the smoke and tasted great on my burgers, but didn't quite have the balls to fire up the pot of green chile that I made!

      I placed a order in for 10 lbs of the real thing to be delivered, should be here soon. According to the email I got from them, the Hatch Chile picking season was a little late this year.

      1. re: abf005

        There are a few others who posted the same thing about the crop being late in other threads, here too. Did you order from a website? Please do share. I'm wondering about pricing.
        P.s. making some enchiladas right now. The green chile I made turned out pretty good if I do say so myself (and I'm usually a pretty harsh judge on my own cooking)

        1. re: gordeaux

          I ordered them from the New Mexico Catalog:

          Pricing in a nutshell:
          5 lbs = 15.95 + shipping
          10 = 24.95+ shipping

          They offer pricing up to 50 lbs as well, and also do the roasting & freezing for a nominal fee too.

          When I think of the 1 lb bag of Anahiems I just bought at Waukegan's Lewis Fresh Market for $2.99 (which was about 10-12 chile pods), by doing the math I found the price was almost the same! (Except the added shipping & roasting).

          They also had some really temping food items as well, like... Red & Green Tamales!! An item that in my opinion, we don't do nearly as well here in Chicago... This summer I was at El Santuario de Chimayo, and in the courtyard was a little burrito stand called Leona's. My family and I had some of the best darn tamales that day, and I've been wishing I could get something that good here ever since.

          Yeah my green chile was just off the other night, I think I'm getting out of practice!

          1. re: abf005

            I'm pretty sure I have seen a website to order from Leona's of Chimayo.

            1. re: abf005

              Have you gotten your chiles yet?

              1. re: mike_d

                I ordered mine over a month ago from New Mexico Catalog and just received them this past weekend. I was a little disappointed in the quality (some were already red and some appeared less than fresh), but I roasted the batch of hot and very hot this weekend. Whew! I just about blew my head off with a very hot pepper on a egg sandwich this morning! The taste was wonderful. Freezing a bunch to keep me in stock over the winter...

                1. re: redy2die4food

                  Your timeframe is about the same as mine. It gives me hope, as phone call to them today was 1) routed to the local phone company with a "this area code has changed" and 2) upon use of new area code got no answer and then disconnected. If it was just the frozen ones I was waiting for, it wouldn't be a problem, but I've got fresh coming too and have to travel on business....

              2. re: abf005

                I called week before last, and they assured me they would ship last week, as of today I still have no chiles. I'm very unhappy with the extra long delay in delivery as I'm still waiting on mine too! :(

                This week and next, I'm down in Texas and have half a mind to leave my clothes at the cleaners here (I'll be coming home over the weekend) and instead stuff my suitcase full of green chile's, if I happen to find them.... I wonder what Airporrt security would think of a trunkload of peppers going though the scanner!

                I've now roasted about 3-5 lbs those darn mild Anaheim's from Lewis Fresh in Waukegan. I'm really tired of the mild stuff, I actually put a couple of Jalapenos in my pot of Green Chile last night to kick it up but it had no effect, even the Jalapenos I get out here are freaking MILD!! Whats a hot tongue to do??

                1. re: abf005

                  I'm hoping to have the fresh this week as it's the last week for me to get some good tomatillos at a local farmers market here in Milw. I wanted to roast 'em together for some chile verde.....

                  The jalepenos that are local are just not hot this year, you're right, the weather never got hot enough..

                  But what I really want is a green chile cheeseburger with fresh roasted chiles...................

                  Next year, I'm driving out there, I swear.

                  1. re: abf005

                    My csa guy had to pluck all of his peppers in preperation of the frost. I got 15 lbs of Anaheim/big jims, and about 20 lbs of serrano/scotch bonnet/habanero mix. The Scotch Bonnets he grew are filthy hot. And I mean FILTHY hot. Unforgiving. Hotter than the habaneros. It took me two days to raost all the green guys (anahaim+Big Jims) and i made an a 15 quart stock full of green chile last night with about 1/2 of them. Think I might simply freeze the rest. Man, they are soo good. Not blatantly hot, but they have a nice kick - sneaky. In the next few days, I gotta start in on the hot peppers. Making a giant batch of Serrano / scotch bonnet/habanero giardiniera. The house smells like heaven.

                    Anyway, not sure if you use any dried chile in your green chile, but I ramp it up that way. I generally use a blend of Ancho / Aleppo / Pequin. Aleppo is harder to find, but I'm sure you are aware of all the dried chile you can find at any Mex grocer in the little plastic bags for like 89c a pop. Ancho is very mild, but warm, and pequin sizzles. There are plenty of in-between.

                    1. re: abf005

                      my final post on this. got an email this morning saying they would ship via USPS and maybe in three days. Just in time for me to leave town, so 5 lbs of fresh and 5 of frozen will be rotting in some post office bin somewhere, to the tune of 60 bucks. 7 weeks after order was placed.

                      I hope you have better luck. If not here's the NM consumer protection link.

                      1. re: mike_d

                        Go to the PO, and ask them if a neighbor or anyone else can pick them up!!

                        1. re: gordeaux

                          I'm not going to give up trying to get them, but wanted to let abf005 know what had happened, since he's waiting too. I mean we've been waiting so long for what must be red chiles by now.

            2. Well, I broke down and ordered some from the website - thanks for the contact.
              Anaheims or not - Be sure to let us know if you ever drive past a market roasting their own.......Thats what I'm trying to find.