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Saturday Lunch - Between Robertson & La Brea - with wine? Anywhere edible?

Looking for a place between Robertson and La Brea that serves Saturday lunch and has a wine list. Not super expensive. Please save me from the Grove.

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  1. Not sure what constitutes "super expensive" but Lucques is geographically appropriate and serves a wonderful lunch.

    8474 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069

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      Second Saturday lunch at the Grove.

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        Lucques is way too expensive. I would be happy at a place like Mani's Bakery on Fairfax, but some in our party want wine. I fear we will end up at one of the awful restaurants at the Grove. There are some in our party who consider Maggiano's a perfectly fine place to eat. I would actually prefer, say Carl's Jr., to Maggiano's.

        I did call Cafe Verona because of all the thumbs up on this board, but they don't serve wine and whoever answered the phone sounded very doubtful about my inquiry of whether we could BYOB.

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          what about urth cafe? i LOVE the food at urth. they don't serve wine but with the great sidewalk seating, not sure you need it.

      2. Barefoot on Third? BLD on Beverly? Luna Park on La Brea?

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          Barefoot's not a bad idea. the food's not wonderful, but it's definitely edible - and there should be something to please everyone.

          is Locanda Veneta too expensive? how about Pane e Vino?

          there's also a little italian place on third just east of Robertson that a lot of hounds seem to like...i think the name is Cafe Angelino...?

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            The Creperie (by Jack & Jill) is really good and reasonable plus has a nice wine list.


            Comme Ca is another place that comes to mind.

        2. Here's a compromise for you: If it isn't too hot, you can get table service at Mr. Marcel's in Farmers Market. Lovely French bistro menu, full wine list, moderate prices, lots of people watching. However--no air conditioning.

          1. Bloom Cafe on Pico, perhaps? At least you could bring your own wine without a corkage fee. I usually go there for dinner, however, so I'm not sure how crowded it gets on a Saturday afternoon.

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              Lunch is very good there. Great suggestion.

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                Both Bloom and BLD would do wonderfully.

              2. bella roma spqr. bring your own wine....corkage is $4.

                1. The Little Next Door on Third Street is very good, with bistro type fare, some nice wines and a pleasant patio. It can get crowded though, and street parking can be tricky, though there is a valet.

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                    Second Little Next Door. The brunch fare is great from eggs to french toast to sandwiches and salads. I'd opt for something breakfasty so you get an order of the potatoe au gratin, which is their much better cheesier version of hash browns or potatoes. They have an extensive wine menu. Sit outside on the patio but beware of many cigarette smoking Europeans (the horror).

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                      little next door is great for brunch, albeit a bit pricey for what it is.

                      too bad angeli isn't open for lunch on saturdays :(

                  2. La Terza - at the Orlando Hotel at West Third Street and Orlando - great italian food and wine - http://www.laterzarestaurant.com/defa...

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                      i don't think la terza, while good, is what the OP has in mind pricewise... definitely on the expensive side with entrees in the 20's and 30's...

                    2. Thanks for all the recommendations.

                      We ended up at the Creperie, which turned out perfect. I think it was the cheapest of all the suggestions, and one of the cheapest restaurants in the area that also serves wine -- we considered Hugo's, but they don't take reservations.

                      The room at the Creperie has an upscale feel - not like going to Urth Cafe for instance -- so it felt festive, which was needed since there was a birthday involved. The place has, in my opinion, a high quality to price ratio. Most of the party had crepes, one had a salad and I had three eggs over easy with side salad. Eggs nicely cooked -- much better than the tasteless eggs I have been served at a place like Urth. The side salad was good, and I am extremely picky about my greens. The waiter was terrific and brought us a special dessert crepe with candle for the birthday celebrant.

                      My only criticism was the awful teabag tea. The menu says they have loose leaf tea, but it turns out no one ordered it, so they took it off the menu and replaced it with tea bags. It is understandable that they are not going to keep loose leaf tea if no one orders it, but they need at least to get better quality tea bags, such as Mighty Leaf.

                      But all in all a lovely inexpensive option for weekend lunch.